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Car Insurance Laws and Tips for Teens in California

As of 2009, there we an estimated 5,000 teenage deaths, that could be attributed to vehicle accidents across the US. California alone was responsible for about 400 deaths of the total nationwide. It is such an unfavorable circumstance that the state became a pioneer in the GDL or graduate driver-licensing program in 1997 when it was passed into law. Of late, the program has become even stricter with the laws governing California car insurance also tightening.

However, the law does not change or falter when it comes to teenage drivers. The law is clear that all vehicle drivers must have car insurance if they are anywhere within the state of California. The standard minimum liability insurance coverage is applicable in the same way to the adults as it does to teenage drivers. This means a teenager must have coverage of either five thousand dollars for accidents that cause property destruction, fifteen thousand dollars for accidents that cause death or injury to 1 person or thirty thousand dollars from accidents that lead to death or injury of more than one person.

Important to note is that the risk of getting an accident is much higher in teenagers because this is the time they get their first experience behind the wheel and are not so confident. Therefore, it is recommended that a higher amount of auto insurance coverage be purchased for the teenage driver in the early years of driving in lieu of the minimum legal requirement. You can consult your auto insurance agent, broker, or your auto insurance provider to give you an overview of the options they have. You may also not want to buy a separate insurance coverage for your teenage driver and instead add him or her to your California car insurance plan, which is legal. This will in turn have the effect of increasing your annual auto insurance cost by a huge percentage, and this will keep increasing at an average of more than $2,000 every year.

The law protects all in the same way when it comes to matters concerning auto insurance in California. Hence the increase or high price or auto insurance policies for teens is because of genuine concerns by the insurance companies and has permitted that the cost of such be at the discretion of the insurance companies and the demand for the policy. However, not all is lost. To get a California cheap car insurance coverage for your teen, most car insurance companies give discounts of up to fifteen percent or even more to teenagers who successfully complete their safe driver course that is approved by the state of California or if they maintain an average of at least a “B”.

You may also look for an insurance company with a good but cheap insurance policy for your teenager by going online and researching. You can for example enter your zip code on top of this webpage and compare the different rates and policies available for your teenage daughter or son.