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Essential Features of California Car Insurance

Knowing the basic requirements of California car insurance first will involve less complexities and lesser time.

Let’s start with 3 basic California auto insurance requirements:

Minimum limits:

Liability insurance coverage is compulsory for every driver in California. This liability insurance covers loss and damage caused to passenger and car by an accident. All drivers who own and drive any type of vehicle must carry insurance with the following minimum limits:

•             Death of a driver, passenger or pedestrian (single person): $15000.

•             Death of more than one person/passenger/pedestrian: $30000.

•             Damage caused to property/car by an accident: $5000.

As these are only the minimum coverage a driver must possess, it is advisable to buy coverage more than the minimum amount stated. One argument given in favor of buying high liability coverage is as follows:

“In case of an accident in which you are considered faulty, your insurer will only cover you up to the policy stated. After the policy is exhausted rest of the damages and expenses are to be covered by you.”


What’s the alternative?

If you live in California, you can be among the overwhelming number of residents who are willing to purchase an auto insurance policy that entertains coverage to equal or exceeding minimum limits. There are few other methods allowed by the state financial responsibilities law. Instead of getting your hands dirty with a standard qualifying auto insurance policy, vehicles owner can:

•             Apply for self-insurance certificate from California DMV.

•             Get $35000 worth surety bond from an insurer that is licensed to do business in California.

•             A cash deposit of $35000 with the California DMV can be a good alternative.

Rental auto insurance requirements in California

Even on rental cars, auto insurance is compulsory in California. Insurance coverage can be with the driver’s regular insurer or through the rental company’s insurer. Common sense says: insurance coverage from the rental company’s insurer is cheaper than purchasing regular auto insurance for you. Whatever the case maybe; California state wants you to keep proof of auto insurance with yourselves whenever you are on the wheels.

Are you eligible for California car insurance?

Insurance companies operating in California are bound to calculate eligibility of insurance contract by keeping in account the following things: Policy coverage type, payment history and previous payments.

Note: In California, checking credit scores before deciding premium is prohibited. No insurance company will ask you for it.

California car insurance

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