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Types of California Car Insurance

With hot sunny beaches and Hollywood and other famous sites to see, California is without a doubt one of the hot spots in the world. But with these beautiful things to see and tourists of all kinds having a good time every day, the roads are becoming a threat to their own destination. The number of careless drivers is increasing at an alarming rate and auto insurance in California is becoming a part of the California lifestyle. You will run out of fingers trying to count the number of California car insurance companies in the state as they are located in every corner. Although the California state law requires a minimum bodily injury liability of $15,000 per person injured, $30,000 per accident and property damage of a minimum of $5,000 or 15/30/5 in short.

The California law also requires everybody driving to purchase insurance for each passenger car on the road. Before registering any vehicle with the California Department of Motor Vehicles or DVM, proof of insurance is needed and those without the above 15/30/5 pay a fine and their licenses may be suspended. The first type of car insurance in California is the liability car insurance that covers the property damages and bodily injury of the other parties in case of an accident. It is therefore the most inexpensive form of coverage and the fact that it does not include the damages or injuries of the person at fault. It is the basic form of insurance required by the state of California. Bodily injuries and property damages can be covered together in the ‘Combined Single Limit’ policy or covering them separately in the ‘Split Limit’ policy.

The other type of California car insurance involved is the collision car insurance that protects individuals in any type of collision that may occur like striking an animal, pole, tree or other vehicles. Even though this type is not a must in the state of California, it may be required by banks and other financial institutions if the car has been purchased or leased. The collision car insurance in California will cover for the damages to the vehicle during an accident that is the drivers fault. The car will be repaired up to the value amount of the car after the deductible has been paid.

The other form of car insurance is the comprehensive car insurance which helps pay for the vehicle damages caused by natural disasters, fire or vandalism. This type of insurance will be very useful as it saves the money that would have been used by the driver to pay for damages that the driver has no control off. However, if you do not want to go through all these formalities you can apply the full coverage insurance which combines the liability, collision and comprehensive policies all in one. This policy offers insurance of the vehicle owner, third parties and property in any form of accident that might occur. Auto insurance in California is therefore an expensive but a very worthy cause.