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California Law on Car Accident Settlement Requirements

You must be able to put the amount and type of damages you suffered into a manner acceptable by the concerned factions. The law governing California car insurance categorizes damages into two. There are general damages, which include the suffering and pain to the complainant both physically and emotionally, and there are the special damages that are considered the out of pocket costs such as medical treatment or repair to damaged or destroyed property. This information is essential and mandatory to have regardless if you are the one making the claim or refuting it.

In determining the special damages for medical treatment, you should be able to produce valid bills and invoices issued during the medical treatment of injuries because of physical injury directly from the car accident. They include such documents as bills for medical supplies, equipment, specialist services, ambulance expenses, and/or facility charges from a medical institution. According to the period taken for both treatment and recovery, this process may be a bit time consuming. On the other hand, determining the special damages for property entails the invoices, bills, and receipts associated with action taken on the damaged property. This may include vehicle repair charges, rental charges, storage charges and/or towing charges. Also included in these charges are the damages to property that was in the vehicle.

autoinsuranceMost California car insurance companies will determine the total cost of the damages before making a decision. If the amount of damages payable is greater than the overall monetary value of the vehicle, then the insurance company policy limits the payable damages to the actual value of the car. The California car insurance law also recognizes loss of wages or any loss related to your employment because of a car accident, as valid special damages. This includes the income lost during the period of the injury including sick day’s compensation. It also goes a step further to include the costs incurred for any specialized treatment you may have required because of the accident to be able to get a new job.

The state of California car insurance law describes general damages, as the ones related to physical injury but indescribable in monetary value. Such injury, pain, and suffering may include disassociation or even emotional anguish. However hard it is to determine the monetary value of such damages, a general method can be used to determine it. Such a method may include involving an amount of special damages and multiplying it with a factor. This will give a general damages figure. However, this is not a standard determination of general damages. The factor multiplier may alter with the facts surrounding the individual case at hand.

After the negotiations are over, the car insurance laws in California requires that the recipient of the settlement has to sign a release of claims forms which means they are not entitled to receive anymore claims related to the particular accident in the future. If you have a good California car insurance on your corner, the process should be quite easy and tamper-proof. Enter your zip and get your insurance policy from the best California insurance companies available.