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Understanding the California Auto Insurance Laws In General

Each state has its own laws that touch on auto insurance and this may differ when you move from one state to another. To be operational in the state of California, all the motor vehicle insurance companies in the state have to be licensed. This means that they have will have agreed to abide by the California auto insurance laws, regulations, and rules. Having been licensed, they are authorized by law to sell auto insurance policies to vehicle owners who want to register their vehicles. The laws and regulations are aimed at giving the maximum protection to the people of California in case an accident occurs. They have to be strictly followed and observed or one may end up getting a license suspension, getting their vehicle impounded, paying up hefty fines or even end up facing criminal charges.

In case you get an auto accident in California, then the stakes change. This is because you may now have hefty liabilities on your hands. Here, private vehicles are required to have minimum liability insurance as stated in the California Insurance code whereby the minimum car insurance requirements range from $5,000 to $30,000 for damages ranging from property to the death of more than one person due to a vehicle accident.

The liability insurance will also extend to other parties other than the holder of the policy, if there is personal injury or property damage or destruction. Other types of policies are able to cover such liabilities but not in the same manner as liability insurance. Comprehensive car insurance in California will cover damages that cannot be helped by either party. Such damages may include fire, floods, vandalism, theft, or other natural calamities. If you are unable to afford a certain auto insurance coverage, one can apply for a low cost car insurance program option, details of which can be obtained from the California DMV.

Some of the documents you may be required to submit during car registration when involved in a car accident or when the law officers ask include documents of the California car insurance policy and should always be readily available. Apart from your car insurance card, you may also be asked to hand in the California insurance certificate proof or the SR-22, an authorized California DMV letter, car ownership proof, lease proof, fulfillment of California car insurance affidavit, or a financial responsibility notification about alternative methods used e.g. cash deposit.

To avoid unnecessary expenses in fines, towing charges and storage fees, always ensure that you fulfill the requirements of the California car insurance regulations. This will also decrease your risk and make your life much easier. There are many sources you can buy your car insurance from without breaking a sweat. Motorists who are insured are at a better advantage than the uninsured and if you are not, the cost you may incur in the event of an accident are much higher.


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