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What’s More About California Cheap Car Insurance

According to the state laws of California, insurance for all vehicles is a must. It is mandatory to have the vehicle insured before driving.

Carrying proof of insurance at all times is also important. Not being able to produce the documents when pulled over can lead to a penalty of $500 and a possible lawsuit can be filed against you. Insurance companies are required to report their private-vehicle policies to the state of California, according to the California Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. Hence, the state will receive the information if there is any lapse in your coverage.

You can get your coverage almost immediately. You are given 30 days time to provide all your information once your insurance has been registered. In case of cancellation of or change in policies, a time period of 45 days is given for the submission of personal details. Good cheap car insurance California should be able to provide the minimum coverage values include $15,000 for injury or death to a single person, $5,000 for damage to property and $30,000 for injury or death to more than a single person.

However California Cheap Car Insurance is not required for the following vehicles-

• Trailers Vehicles which are registered to a government entity (state, county, city and federal)
• Off-highway vehicles
• Vehicles which have been registered under the planned non operation (PNO) status

The penalties that you can attract if you do not have California Cheap Car Insurance are as follows

• You can get a traffic ticket (worth $500 or even more) if the officer on duty pulls you over and you are unable to provide any evidence of having financial responsibility. In case you are ticketed then you might have to go through the judiciary system (instead of the DMV) to sign such a citation.
• The automobile may be usurped and you may be penalized with a fine.
• You may be responsible financially for the damages related to an accident if you have any role in it. It means that you are personally responsible and are forced to bear the cost of any damage or casualty.

Having auto insurance in the state of California is necessary for all car owners. Your vehicle’s registration could be suspended for the following:
• If the insured cannot produce the documents within 30 days after his or her registration of insurance has been completed.
• If the insurance company cannot produce the documents within 30 days after the registration has been completed.
• If the insurance company fails to submit electronic copies of the documents as evidence of auto insurance even after 30 days of registration.
• If all the personal details are not given correctly in the policy or any fraudulent activity has been detected for the same.

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