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California Laws on Business Auto Insurance

Vehicles in companies may primarily be used for transport of products but in some organizations, most of the senior employees are given cars owned by the company for their everyday use. Even in home based small businesses, the owner may use the family/business car to run business related errands and other tasks. To protect the home business or the company from incurring huge financial losses that may come up because of a mishap on the road, all the cars must be insured. It is not a suggestion, but a law that not only applies to California but most states in the US. It has been made a mandatory requirement not only for the business owners but also for all vehicle owners in the California. This is aimed at the person who is not at fault in the event of an accident to ensure he or she is well protected against financial loss.

Among the many types of car insurance available in California, business car insurance is a requirement for all vehicles in an organization, owned by them. This is also aimed at protecting the employee in that, when he or she is involved in a car accident while driving a company owned car, he or she will not be liable to pay for any loss or damage if the circumstances are right. The organization’s California car insurance company will pay for the expenses if their policy entitles them to such action, which is the case in most business auto insurance policies.

CalifoniacheapcarinsurancequoteThe good part of it is that not only does it protect the company owned cars, but also the cars that have been leased and are in possession of the organization at that particular time. It also covers the expenses in case of an accident that causes injury to others or damage to other’s property. The cheap California insurance allows the insurance companies by law to offer a number of policies that are well within the scope of the state law. Such insurance policies for business include liability insurance, comprehensive and collision insurance, covering both the driver and the car if an accident occurs. Uninsured or under insured motorist cover is an insurance cover that is aimed at protecting the driver in the event that the accident was caused due fault in driving of another driver, or if the other driver’s liability insurance is less than that of the organization.

In general, the law treats al vehicles and their owners equally, be it an individual owner or a company owned car, they all have to be insured even if up to just the minimum required level in the state of California. The auto insurance companies in California are guided by law and so to be registered they must have complied with the law hence, this would be a good place to look for more information concerning insuring your company’s or home based business’s vehicles.

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