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Car Insurance Options In CA

A law was passed back in 2006 in the state of California aimed at removing and eliminating all vehicles form, the road networks in the state. In effect, it meant that for a vehicle owner to get his or her car on the roads in California, they have to bear liability insurance. This information can be easily provided to you by the company or agent that provides your car insurance in CA. The liability insurance can be $5,000 for any property damage because of the car accident, $15,000 for physical injury to an individual and $30,000 for two or more persons.

California car insurance laws also allow a vehicle owner to self-insure. This can be particularly convenient and beneficial to individuals who run businesses and own a number of vehicles. It can prove quite the money saver especially for such business or large companies that have a knowledgeable staff in matters concerning auto insurance.

One may also go down to the California DMV and deposit with them an amount of $30,000, instead of buying auto insurance. This will in turn cover any damages or expenses that may arise in the event of a car accident. In short, the motorist must have some way of bearing the liability in case an accident occurs and he or she is at fault. The advantage is that the money is just deposited and can be refunded by the California DMV once proof that one has acquired car insurance in CA is availed.

There are also many other types of insurance that can be acquired from the California car insurance companies or providers, but the above mentioned ones are the mandatory ones required by the state law. Some of them are comprehensive insurance coverage, liability insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, and uninsured motorist.

California insurance law also expects that you be able to provide proof that you have auto insurance coverage at any time and enforcers of the law may ask for the proof randomly. Lack or failure to provide it will result in the stipulated penalties that may include a fine or impounding of your vehicle. You may also end up with a suspended driving license that requires that you pay a certain fee for reinstatement. On the other hand, one may also get a non-compliance ticket resulting in suspension of their license. This can be solved by appearing before a court of law and submitting the proof of auto insurance.

For those who may find these options a bit expensive, then there is an answer. California cheap car insurance is offered by the state and is especially formulated for individuals who have low incomes. To be able to get into this group you have to qualify and the requirement is purely based on your income bracket.


The law about car insurance in California is aimed at the residents of the state safe by making it mandatory to have auto insurance for vehicle owners. Finding a good policy that fits your needs is not hard. You can start here by keying in your zip code.