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Why is California Car Insurance Necessary

If you are a resident of California or have just relocated here and you own a car, then you should be well aware of the laws and requirements in the state with respect to the laws regarding car insurance in CA. It does not matter whether you have bought a new car here or have transferred your car from another state, the car insurance laws and its requirements are a bit different and unique from other parts of US. The state of California only wants you to have an insurance that can protect you from the ever growing medical treatment cost and the loss of property, in case you had suffered an accident. We’ll take a concise look at the level of insurance your vehicle needs so that you are insured legally against loss of property and medical costs, if any. In CA, a legal car driver by law has to have body injury coverage of not less than 15000 dollars for a single injured, and a minimum of 30000 dollars for other injured persons in case of an accident.

This type of coverage is normally known as 15-30 BI. This might be seen as lots of money to cover the injuries but with the rising medical treatment costs these days, it is not as much as it seems to be, and you might consider increasing it to 50-100 BI.

According to car insurance laws in CA, a legal driver should also be having coverage of not less than 5000 dollars against damage to property. This gives you the coverage to the other car you damage in the accident. With the increased car prices these days, this amount also seems inappropriate and you might think of increasing this coverage to 30 or 50 thousand dollars per car. Apart from this basic coverage, your auto loan, if any, may also require that you should also carry collision & comprehensive coverage for the vehicles owned by you. This type of coverage makes sure that the repairing and replacement costs are also covered in case the car gets damaged in an accident.

The decisive cost however depends on the age and type of the car you have. Your auto loan lender can also ask you to avail of a comprehensive coverage, covering you against weather damage or the damage caused by accidents as a result of animal collision. Car insurance in CA also covers theft and loss of any other property inside your vehicle. The insurance costs for both the coverage again, depend on the amount of premium you select.

You can also consider uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, as most people these days drive illegally with no auto insurance. The uninsured and under insured coverage covers both bodily as well as property damage.

Considering the fact that most people these days are cutting their household expenses, Car insurance in the state of California is a must if you are able to afford it.

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