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How to Get Required Minimum Liability Coverage for Your Cheap California Car Insurance

Getting California cheap car insurance can be mind boggling. There are several ways in which companies offering insurance will dupe you into believing it’s cheap. But in the end you would actually be paying more than you can imagine for a coverage that’s not adequate for the roads. An ideal policy should have coverage for uninsured drivers and the minimum liability too. Every state in United States has a minimum coverage liability. You will have to bear these expenses at the least if you are involved in any accident.

In the state of California, the minimum liability is $15,000 is for death or injury of 1 person, $30,000 for injury or death of more than person, but $5,000 for property damage. The figures are for one accident. As the state of California works on the law of torts, one person is charged with the responsibility of the accident and he needs to pay for the entire damages. Even to fight for the lawsuit, you need money. We all know that a lawsuit can cost us our entire salary, even our house. It is indeed an advantage to possess a good insurance policy to support you in crisis as the insurance company will bear your expenses. You should also have coverage for under insured or uninsured drivers in your family. Although it is not imperative, it is beneficial if you have that coverage. Most insurance experts suggest their clients to get coverage of $50,000 under uninsured and under insured coverage. California car insurance allows you to get specific coverage for only certain people. You can exclude certain people from your policy. If this particular person meets with a road mishap while driving, the expenses will not be charged to your insurance policy.

In California, it is important to own insurance. If you are unable to produce your insurance papers when asked for, you may be arrested and your license or car registration may be suspended. A fine between $200 and $1000 may be imposed on you apart from the re installation fees of $125.

To maintain a policy, you need to pay a regular premium, per month or yearly basis. The general premium is around $847. But opting for a California car insurance that is affordable can help you save around $200 or $300. To buy California cheap car insurance, you can contact a car insurer. It is better you contact the person providing you your home insurance as you may get some good discount on the premium you have to pay. The premium you have to pay is dependent on the type of the car, the age of the vehicle, car driver’s experience, the age and sex and also the number of people to be covered by the policy.

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