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California Law – Limited Insurance and Financial Responsibility

The law in the state of California touches on many things and it is specifically the law surrounding the California car insurance laws that we will get an understanding of in this article. In particular, we will look at what the law says when it comes to financial responsibility of a vehicle owner and their liability insurance in California. There are many ways to attain or demonstrate that you can be able to compensate injured persons or pay for the property damaged during an accident, and it is not a choice.

The California car insurance law explicitly says that all drivers, motorists, or vehicle owners with a car or cars operating on the road networks in California are supposed to have some sort of financial responsibility to be able to compensate the infringed party’s expenses and costs if the fault is yours. This also extends to vehicle owners who have cars but not driving them. As long as the vehicle is registered in California, there must be must be in place some liability insurance or proof of financial responsibility. However, the most common way to achieve this protection in the state of California is by way of obtaining liability insurance.

Having made this clear, the California law hence assumes that when you take the responsibility of getting behind the wheel or own a car, then you must be able to meet the costs and expenses that may arise in case of an accident while you were driving. This is in line with protecting the lives and property of the Californians while at the same time discouraging irresponsible driving like DUIs. Although accidents are a daily occurrence in California and even responsible drivers end up in accidents every day, this is not to say that it should be taken lightly.

In order to demonstrate or gain proof of financial responsibility, you can always get the most basic of coverage also referred to as minimum liability insurance whereby, the state has stipulated the minimum amount of insurance that any one person can have. The minimum liability insurance varies in each state but in California, the least amount is five thousand dollars for property damage, fifteen thousand dollars for injury or bodily harm to one person up to thirty thousand dollars for bodily harm to more than one person. This is the most basic and minimum limit for liability auto insurance in California. However, this does not mean that this is the pan you have to go with. It is advisable to take extra coverage because accidents are not predictable and so is the aftermath. Additional coverage in your insurance policy may cover other necessary expenses such as medical costs, rental refunds, collision, comprehensive, hospital or clinic costs including facilitation and many more. It may seem expensive because it will increase the cost of keeping the policy but it will be much cheaper when they are paying for the expenses than you paying it yourself.


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