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The Process Auto Insurance Claims In the State Of California

Ensuring that your auto insurance in California is official helps in protecting the interests of all the parties involved in the event of such a misfortune, should any one of them want to file a claim on the vehicle insurance. The process is not that complicated and is a process that can be sorted out easily with the help of either your auto insurance agent or your insurance provider.

To make it rather easy and convenient to understand and work with the California car insurance laws, the state codified the FCSPR or Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations. Among other rules and regulations stipulated is that your auto insurance provider has 15 days to acknowledge your claim after you have filed an official claim. Within this same period, they also have to supply you with forms and offer you help. This also helps in giving the auto insurance company some time to respond to the claims by either honoring the claim of denying it altogether. Ignoring such a claim can prove unwelcomed in the state of California. The California car insurance must therefore deny or honor the claims you have made within a period not exceeding 40 days from the date the claim was filed. Acceptance means they have in turn to honor and settle the claim in a period not more than 30 days from the acceptance date to allow you to take the necessary action on your vehicle.

Such action may include repairing or even entirely replacing you vehicle. This comes also with regulations that the owner of the vehicle or the insured has the prerogative as to where their vehicle should be repaired. The California car insurance law clearly indicates that the insurance company or agent does not have the right to dictate where the vehicle will be repaired. They have the option to direct you if you ask them, but not make it mandatory. This is a huge advantage to the policyholder because like many other services, auto repair is usually an affair that one has with the people they trust and have a working relation with. One can rest assured that their vehicle is in the hands of the people they trust.

The California car insurance also allows you to call in for mediation in case of a dispute with your auto insurance provider. This means that when you fail to resolve a dispute, both you and the insurance company can call in a third party who has legal knowledge to try to find a common ground. The mediator finds a solution bound by the law and the scope of the insurance policy. However, this type of dispute resolution is limited to problems with value of repair or replacement of a vehicle or damages. Matters touching on the interpretation of the insurance policy in question or statutes of limitation are off limits to the mediation process.


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