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Why It Is Important To Have an Automobile Insurance in California

It is evident that as every day, more and more drivers increase on California roads. With every increment of drivers on the roads, the risks will keep on becoming more real. The risk of getting involved in a traffic incident in 1970 was far much lower than today, and it is for this reason that acquiring an automobile insurance in California today is very important. You will not only safeguard yourself and your family from injuries but also from financial losses that usually come with automobile accidents especially if you are the one at fault.

GetCarInsuranceInCaliforniaQuotesEvery driver or person who owns a car is under obligation to abide by California’s Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law California, which requires that he or she be responsible for his or her vehicles financially and while driving it. It states that you are too held liable to pay up to $15,000 if the person in the other vehicle is injured or died. It doubles if more than one person is injured or dead. This will not be the end since if the other driver loses a livelihood, pain, loss of income or feels inadequately compensated then he can sue for the same. A person is also responsible to pay up to $5,000 for property damaged. All these are to be paid if the responsibility of the accident falls on your shoulders and this is the minimum liability coverage in California that you need to face.

When driving around with your family and an automobile accident happens and you are injured then the first thing would be to go to a hospital. The medical bills can be covered using the medical insurance cover or you can have such a cover still under your insurance cover. Your family members will be included in the medical cover if you had an agreement with the insurance company to that effect.

Taking into consideration a typical Californian any day, you rarely find anyone flashing wads of notes. That is why there is need to take not only the mandatory liability cover but also any other that will protect you from any eventuality. A collision insurance cover would be a good one to take; it covers you and your car when you are involved in an accident. Do not forget that a liability cover only caters for the other party expenses and medical expenses. The other cover that one can take up is the comprehensive insurance cover, which caters for everything else other than what is covered by collision cover. The comprehensive cover caters for things like, theft, fire, floods and many more.

Finally, if you were to be caught without insurance cover for the vehicle that you are driving what would happen. Well, first think of the suspension of your insurance in addition to the fines and if you are one of those notorious ones who always drives without a cover then beware the judge can have your car impounded and your license suspended. This serves as proof at just how important it is to have an automobile insurance in California.