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What You Should Know About Excluded Drivers in California?

In a California auto insurance policy, what is an excluded driver?

An excluded driver in California auto insurance can be defined as a person who is not included in car insurance coverage on a personal car insurance policy. The insurance company specifically names the excluded driver in the policy in writing. It may sound unfair but insurance companies have their legitimate reasons and this exclusion is permitted in the state of California. Some reasons may include individuals with numerous at fault car accidents, DWI convictions, numerous car citations from authorities, people with impaired mental health, people with suspended licenses and many others. As a good driver and you have someone in your house who is not, the insurance company may allow you to carry on with the coverage at discounts extended to motorists with clean driving sheets and in California it goes up to a substantial 20%. If you are a good driver with auto insurance that excludes a person and you allow that person to drive a vehicle covered in the auto insurance policy, you may be held personally responsible if he or she causes an accident leading to injury or damages even if it was an emergency.

However, all is not lost for an excluded driver in your California car insurance policy. He or she can still get auto insurance coverage separately under the state of California’s Assigned Risk Plan. Such an application will be forwarded to the car insurance company that writes such coverage in the state. This means that the plan will service the policy but costs and losses are shared among all the California car insurance companies that have admitted to write such policies in California.

When an insured driver is involved in an accident with a driver excluded from the vehicle owner’s policy, who is responsible paying for the damage to the car?

The answer is simple. The person who was driving the car that was at fault or the one that caused the accident is always responsible. It does not matter whether he is an excluded driver under the vehicle owner’s policy. If he caused the accident they will have to pay either by their own auto insurance policy or if they do not have one, they just have to pay for the damages out of their own pocket. If you want to have the problem fixed right away, you can make a claim on your collision coverage and your California car insurance company will demand the money back from the excluded driver or his or her auto insurance company through legal means.

There is a lot more to learn about laws, regulations, rates and options that drivers named as “excluded drivers” in a California car insurance policy can benefit from. You can get more information on what different offers and policies that companies in auto insurance in California have. Enter you zip code and agt all the information you need.