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What Determines Your Auto Insurance Premium in California

The common American lifestyle routine after graduating from college is to bag a decent job and a generous salary. The next thing you do very commonly is buying a car. Buying a suitable insurance for your car is the most important thing to do if you’ve become a new car owner.

Just like health insurance, automobile insurance provides you financial protection for your car from any physical damage caused by accidents or collisions. In America, it is the automotive insurance that is designed to cover the risk of financial liability of the car owner if his or her car is damaged due to accidents or collision. In some states, the car owner is required to carry a minimum level of liability insurance. In the states like Virginia, New Hampshire and Michigan owners may or may not wish to carry car insurance. However in such states of America, the owners are required to pay an uninsured motor vehicle fee to the state.
An insurance premium is a monthly fee that the car owners pay the insurers. The car insurance companies of California offer a variety of insurance schemes to choose from. The insurance premium that the motor vehicle owner pays for is usually determined through this various factors: the type of vehicle (SUV, MUV, sedans, hatchbacks), driving history, location i.e. where the vehicle is driven. Some insurance companies even provide discounts based on these factors.
Insurance companies provide a motor vehicle owner with an insurance card for the particular coverage term which is to be kept in the vehicle. In case of an incident of traffic collision, it acts as the proof of insurance. Many criticized the law that says that insurance will only be given to those who are eligible with liability insurance protection as they saw it as a way of meeting California’s financial responsibility laws. The biggest loophole in this car insurance program perhaps was that the income eligible group could not buy the insurance as the remained out of their reach. However, recent survey proves that 60% of the Californian drivers are escaping the lofty premium payments.

Some of the websites nowadays are explaining how to apply some smart tricks that slashes your California car insurance payment by 40%. Something your insurance company doesn’t want you to know at all. So it is always wise to make a research prior to purchasing California automobile insurance. Compare and choose from the several quotes available. Just enter your area zip code and we will do the rest!