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What are the Necessary Types of Coverage for Car Insurance in California

Being a resident of a high-cost state, it is not easy to get a low cost yet beneficial car insurance in the State of California. Furthermore, you can be confused as to which scheme is best and more beneficial for your car. However, with necessary knowledge it can be very easy. Each individual receives rates according to his/her age, gender, marital status, driving records among other things.

Most California car insurance companies ask for the following requirements:

Address, Location, Zip – Low income neighborhood pay more than expensive neighborhoods.

Age – Young drivers pay more as they are highly susceptible to accidents.

Sex – Male drivers pay more as they are considered more reckless than women.

Status – Single individuals need to pay more as they are considered highly irresponsible.

1st License – Experienced drivers pay a lot less.

Insurance companies also inquire for the following factors:

Accident Record of the last 5 years – Individuals with accident records pay a lot more, especially if young.

Traffic Violation Record in the last 3 years – Individuals with traffic tickets pay more.

Residential Confirmation – Homeowners pay less, as they are considered responsible.

Year/Make of car – SUV drivers pay more than compact drivers.

Car Model – Models with high car accidents pay more. Owners of expensive cars pay more as well.

Miles/Year: High mileage, drivers pay more.

Rates of premiums of car insurance in California are particularly high for individuals who have DUI (Driving Under Influence) in their records. Effective from January 1, 2007, new legislation extends the reporting period of DUI offenses from 7 to 10 years for all insurance companies. So the good driver discount on insurance premiums given to individuals with a clean driving record shall be applicable to only those who have no DUI records in their driving sheet for the past 10 years. If your insurance gets cancelled due to DUI offenses, a new insurance must be bought as California law states that you are financially responsible for any harm caused to property or individual while driving. Once your insurance company notifies that your insurance is cancelled, under current law, you will receive a notice of cancellation of your car registration if new information regarding your insurance was not submitted within 45 days. In addition, you are required to maintain a California Insurance Proof Certificate (SR 22) for your driver’s license.

California car insurance rates for premiums for teen drivers are particularly high. There are additional laws that teen drivers have to adhere to such as no drinking of alcoholic beverage 8 hours prior to driving for teens between the ages of 15.5 and 17.5; driver’s training and driver’s education are must to apply for license, etc. If these laws are violated, their car insurance can be cancelled.

California car insurance agencies provide various types of coverage such as:

Liability Coverage – Liability coverage covers damages done by you while you are driving. If someone is injured or killed, or if any property is damaged, the compensation comes from your liability coverage.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage – This is shortly known as UM/UIM and covers expenses if you are injured by someone driving a car which is not insured properly. The driver then would not be able to completely pay for your medical expenses and this shall be covered by this coverage.

Medical Payments – This covers medical expenses of the individual who is present in the car during the accident while you were driving.

Comprehensive Coverage – This coverage includes expenditures caused by damages caused for reasons apart from accidents. These include floods, earthquakes, theft, etc.

Collision Coverage – If you meet an at-fault accident, this covers the cost of repairing or replacement. However, in California this coverage is not mandatory so one can choose not to opt for it.

The estimated average auto premium of California is $776. The average liability coverage is $450, the average collision coverage is $450 and the average comprehensive coverage is $103. However, a particular driver generally does not opt for all of these together. Despite their high costs, car insurance policies ensure the safety of all Californian drivers and passengers.

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