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What are the Minimim Requirements for California Car Insurance

Accidents are inevitable. Unfortunately no one knows when and how one can happen. The worst your savings might not be able to help you to cope up for the damages. Is it enough to maintain the same quality of life? The answer is a big “NO”. This is why it is important to get insured. You can start it by having auto insurance in California.

Why auto insurance is an asset for the drivers of California?

It safeguards you and your vehicle by providing financial coverage in case of sporadic events that may occur anywhere, anytime.

No auto insurance!  Can you still drive in California?

Well, in any part of the world driving without license is a crime in itself. If you are found not carrying auto insurance in California while driving your car your license is liable to be suspended and the vehicle to be seized.

When and why do you need it SR-22 form?

Based on past records one can analyze the driver’s potential how much risk prone is he or not. These records may refer to suspension of the license or driving without insurance in the event of an accident. In such cases SR-22 form comes into play by acting as an agent for retrieval of the license through the insurance company you are linked with.


What minimal amount one should be insured before driving the wheels through California?

Minimal coverage depends on different categories of incidents as listed below:

Category 1 – When there is an injury to the body or one individual is liable to die, then insurance amounts to around 15000 USD.

Category 2 – Similarly, if two are liable to die then the amount doubles i.e $30,000.

Category 3 – The third category is to insure any damage inflicted upon the property over the years which amount to a minimum of $5,000.

How to get hold of the best quotes of auto insurance in California?

Our website is up and ready to provide you with the best quotes around to enable the investors differentiate between the good and the best rates available.


What affects my insurance rates?

Insurance depends on various points. The most important of them is the driving experience of the concerned investor if he/she holds any bad record previously. It also depends on the type of vehicle being used whether it is a two wheeler or a four wheeler. If you are a family person, the chances of you driving more responsibly increases, thus, it constitutes another fact to be considered. Suit yourselves with the best deals available in the market.

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