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What are the Factors that Affect the California Car Insurance Rate of Teen Drivers

Every age group has many different effects on car insurance in CA rates and costs. That is because each and every age group has a different amount of experience, different style of driving and probability of being in an accident and a different probability of causing one. The age group of the person who wants to get insurance indeed affects the insurance costs and the insurance premiums. All that differs is that each and every age group has different effects on the insurance policy. Some age groups require the insurance company to raise the insurance costs whereas some require the insurance company to give the insured a break and decrease the amount. A person must be careful when they are in certain age groups such as the teenage and they should find the insurance company that provides them with special discounts and extras when something are accomplished that proves that teenager is responsible.

Here are some effects that being a teenager can have on car insurance rates and how being a teenager can affects car insurance.

1.            Insurance company deems most teenagers as irresponsible- Most insurance companies deem teenagers as irresponsible and immature which means that they don’t believe teenagers can handle insurance. That is why getting independent insurance policies for teenagers can be a hassle and that is also why getting independent insurance policies for a teenager costs so much. Most teenagers drive rough and are more prone to accidents because they are known as the ‘dangerous driver’ and they are also noted to be inexperienced. The company does not want these kinds of drivers to be insured by them because if they cause accidents, the insurance company will have to take care of them. There are very less insurance companies that think differently and deem teenagers to be responsible and mature.

2.            The increased risk- When a person is in the teenage and visits an insurance company to get car insurance in CA or their respective state, the car insurance representative first works out the probability or likelihood of them being involved in an accident or causing one, depending on the type of insurance policy they opt for. With a teenager, the insurance representative estimates the likelihood as being too high just because they are known to drive rough. Most insurance companies believe that teenagers are the drivers that are the most prone to accidents.

3.            The lack of experience- There is no doubt in the fact that teenagers are the most inexperienced drivers that exist. That is because obviously when a person starts doing something, they have zero or little experience in it. Teenagers have a distinct lack of experience when it comes to driving but they can cover it up if they choose to be good drivers and drive safe on the road. If they don’t, it will cost for their car insurance a lot.


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