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What are the Different Auto Insurance Policies in California

With the ever-increasing demand and need for cars in every realm of today’s life, whether it be for business or for leisure, the need for auto insurance is also increasing with every passing minute. In order to secure the economic value of one’s car, people get their cars insured in order to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Choosing the best available California Car insurance policy amidst the numerous policies on offer is surely a hectic task.

This article thus aims to ease the burden of the visitor by providing adequate knowledge regarding car insurance policies in California, based on the owner’s age. For efficient and ethical drivers, car insurance is provided by all companies at quite a subsided rate. As the Department of Motor Vehicles, California has made it compulsory to have a minimum prescribed insurance coverage for all cars operating or parked in California, drivers of good repute surely stands to gain as they can easily obtain super cheap but heavily featured insurance policies.

On the other hand drivers who have a reputation for drunk-driving and violating traffic norms frequently and also those drivers, who have a SR-22 form filed against them, are the ones who end up paying dearly for car insurance policies as recognized insurance companies disagree to take them as customers. Young adolescent drivers need not have a car insurance coverage of their own as they are entitled to be counted within their parents’ insurance policy. However this rule is applicable only until a person graduates from college. As soon as he/she does so, he/she needs to have a proof of financial responsibility of his/her own if he/she drives a vehicle. Also priorities and applicable norms of insurance change drastically as soon as a person gets married. He then is bound by law to have insurance coverage for all his family members.

In this regard, he is entitled to discounts as he invests in the education plans of his children. Divorce also plays a major role in the changing of auto insurance policies. Existing insurance policies then have to be molded in view of the prevailing circumstances as interests of both concerned parties need to be protected. Huge discounts on California car insurance policies are also available for certain group of people. Military persons and Senior Citizens (persons above 60 years of age) of California are eligible for perks and discounts from all car insurance companies. Choosing the PERFECT’ insurance policy is very important. Once you make the wrong decision and realize it only after paying up huge sums of money, you truly will face a catastrophic repercussion.


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