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Ways to Pare Your Auto Insurance Rates

The most important stage of life is choosing a job. If you are in a job that serves people, then people will serve you because of your job. Is this not what most of us want?

Well, Californians need not want this now, as they have it! Insurance companies here offer massive California cheap car insurance discounts for different professions. According to various studies, if your profession is a serious one, then it implies you would need to drive less or take fewer risks or you’d never be involved in drunk driving and any of these would mean ‘fewer accidents’.

Farmers Insurance Group is one of the best examples for this kind of discount as it offers discounts to occupations including Police Officers, Firefighters, Teachers, registered Doctors, and Nurses. Others like Esurance also offer discounts to scientists and engineers. Insurance companies also have business relations with some firms and employees at those firms could make use of these special discounts. Some Insurance companies even offer discounts to self-employed people and those who opt for work-from-home option provided by some companies. This is because the average mileage of the vehicle they use would be very low in such cases and this resultantly makes them less accident-prone.

Many people also believe that good Credit Scores also make them eligible for additional discounts but the State of California has banned using Credit Scores for granting discounts.

1.            Armed forces/First Responders: People in the Military, National Guard and ROTC participants get additional auto insurance discounts. There are separate financial service providers’ likeUSAA who offer discounts as huge as 80% are awarded to active duty officials.                First Responders do not use their own vehicles the whole day during work hours and thus their profession helps to pare car insurance rate.

2.            Alumnus: If you were part of a sorority or fraternity in college, then it could highly benefit you in terms of Auto Insurance discounts as most companies have ‘affiliate programs’. Geico is a good example here as it also provides discount to alumni of its partner organizations like Stanford University Alumni Association and National Society of Accountants.

3.            Educators: Schoolteachers and college professors might receive benefits in addition to discounts. These benefits might include a zero deductible if the vehicle is vandalized on school property. Companies like Liberty Mutual Insurance also provide $2500 coverage for damages to property (academic or belonging to school) within the car.

4.            Medical Professionals: Companies like Farmers Insurance offer 15% discounts to licensed physicians, surgeons, and dentists.

5.            Scientists and Engineers: Risk studies indicate that people with a bachelor’s degree in math/science are low risk personnel and thus they receive huge auto insurance discounts for such professions.

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