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Underage DUI and DWI Laws in California

The state of California does not condone Underage DUIs. The standard age limit by law for one to begin drinking in America is 21 years of age. In addition to that, it is illegal for any person under the age of 21 to drive any vehicle with an amount of alcohol in their system.  A blood alcohol level of over 0.01 percent will be defined as a breach of the law and will result to driver’s license suspension for up to one year. The level of penalties vented on the individual can change depending on the level of intoxication of the driver. This is clearly stated in the California Vehicle Code under section 23140 which states that any underage driver with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent and above must face DUI charges. When found guilty of this infraction, the underage driver will be required by law to attend a rehabilitation program which is mandatory. This zero tolerance policy on underage DUI is a trend maintained by many states in America. The DUI blood alcohol level restriction is a bit higher for persons above the age of 21. Their blood alcohol level should be less than 0.08 percent. Anything higher than this will warrant an indictment which could lead to incarceration, driver’s license suspension (for up to a year), community service, probation, fines and enrolment in an alcohol rehabilitation program.

An Underage DUI conviction can have dire ramifications that could put a blemish on someone’s clean record in the future. Some parents may say that it is a worthy life lesson for their children regardless of the real consequences behind such a conviction. In real sense any jail time, license suspension, monetary fines and other penalties will eventually fall to the parents. For instance, if the parent was paying for the insurance, they will now have to pay higher premiums or look for a new coverage once the child’s driver’s license has been reinstated. This said, parents should not just let their children proceed with underage drinking and wait for the law to teach them a lesson. This way of thinking will make you lose more than you will gain from controlling your child.

In case an individual is arrested on an Underage DUI offense, it is advisable to hire a DUI Lawyer. You may not know it but there are many more avenues of defence to explore and implement despite the failed sobriety and chemical tests. Without a lawyer to advise you on your rights and privileges you may as well be a sitting duck for the state to make an example out of you. As soon as you are arrested, inform your DUI lawyer immediately and wait for their response. This quick response could stand between a harsh conviction, reduction of charges and an all out acquittal. Enter your Zip above to check ways to avoid or control Underage DUIs.