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Top 10 Questions in California Car Insurance Questionnaires for Teen Drivers

A major number of car accidents around the world are caused by young drivers who are inexperienced, new to traffic rules and driving dangers. Hence like several other states, California follows a Graduated Driver licensing system. It is better known as GDL. The system works by giving the teenage drivers gradual experience of driving on the busy roads of California. They are given more and more driving privileges as they become less and less new to driving. During this period, they are provided with an official license given to them by the Department of Motor Vehicles, California itself. For many parents, California car insurance is necessary for their teens.

What age group is given the GDL license?

In getting a GDL license, the teenager must be of the age group 15and half – 17 and half years.

Is age the only requirement for getting the GDL?

No, there are several other requirements to be met before you are provided the GDL?

Drive with the learners permit for a minimum period of half a year?

Do six hours of official driving practice?

Attend education class for drivers?

Fifty hours of additional driving with a guardian having a driving license of minimum twenty five years.

What documents are required by the DMV for issuing the provisional license?

Before a teenager can be provided with the provisional license, he has to show the following:

  • Certificate of Birth
  • Legal residence proof with complete address of California
  • Any valid ID with your latest Photograph
  • Social Security Number along with its proof
  • Below 18 years old, a written consent duly signed by your parent.
  • Twenty eight dollars fee for application.

In which form will I get the GDL license?

You’ll receive the provisional license in your email inbox.

What are the restrictions imposed on me as a teen driver having the provisional license?

If you’re not accompanied by an elder of age above 25, you’re not allowed to:

Transport anyone of age below 20 years with you in the vehicle

Drive the vehicle after 11pm in the or before 5 am in the morning.

Are there any circumstances when these restrictions are lifted?

There are several unavoidable conditions when the above restrictions do not hold.

These are when:

  • Your vehicle is the only transportation available and it’s an emergency.
  • If you’re doing that under medical conditions, you’re required to have a written note from the doctor.
  • If the condition is college related, you’re supposed to have a written note from your dean,
  • If it’s a issue related to family, a note from your parent is required.
  • Financial responsibility proof

In what cases can the driving privileges can be taken back from me?

Your driving privileges can be taken back if you break a law or are found unfit for driving.

For example:

If you do not appear in the court or do not pay your fine after you receive a ticket.

If you are the cause of an accidents due to your mistakes.

If you are involved in 2 accidents in one year due to your bad driving, your license is invalid for 30 days.

Even worse, if you have 3 accidents, you are not allowed to drive for 6 months.

If many traffic violations get registered against you, you are not permitted to drive in the State of California.

Finally, if you do accidents while on probation, your license is taken back.

Do I need to get a special kind of California Car Insurance as a teen driver?