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Tips on Resolving Auto Insurance Disputes in California

Disputes arising from Auto Insurance in California come up for various reasons. The dispute could arise from miscommunication, confusion, miscalculation or an actual mistake on the individual either on the individual or on the insurance company. All in all,most problems stem from a disgruntled individual who believes that their insurance claim or coverage is not to their liking.

Insurance Claims are the greatest cause of disputes in the insurance industry. There are a few tips to consider when handling an insurance dispute. Without following, these few tips one may end up following a claim for years without being compensated. In the event of an unsettled dispute, the first step should be to contact the insurer or the agent. Explain the situation surrounding the said dispute to them and wait for their response. This can be done via a phone call or an email directly via the insurance firm’s website. Your contacting them will cause them to investigate the matter and come up with the reason for the dispute or a solution. The settlement could be an error on the company’s part. Many parties within the insurance organization pass information concerning a particular claim and a mistake could arise from anywhere within the departments. If there is no feedback contact the claims adjuster who handles and settles all bills discreetly. Gather as much documentation as you can, concerning the claim and present them to your insurer and surely enough your case will be looked at.

autoinsuranceSecondly, you may contact the California Insurance department. The state insurance department is put in place to control insurance companies and to protect resident citizens. All states including California have an insurance regulatory body, which can assist you in such disputes. They are there to listen to your grievances, and you can be guaranteed that they will look into your case. If your auto insurer was at fault, they will push on your behalf to have the insurance company has the matter settled. Otherwise, they will give you an informative response on how to handle the matter.

The third and final step involves contacting your lawyer. This usually should come as a last resort, but it does not hurt to get their opinion on an auto insurance dispute. This particular step could be a bit expensive and risky for you though some lawyers may work based on a contingency fee. A good lawyer can give you a consultation on your case free of charge so that you may know if it is worth following up in court or not. Cases taken on a contingency basis are those that the lawyer is guaranteed to win, otherwise he will not be paid. It is your right to demand fair compensation from your insurer according to your policy.

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