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The SR-22 Auto Insurance Policy in Los Angeles, Ca

Due to the increasing number of accidents, auto insurance laws are strict everywhere especially in Los Angeles, Ca. The Auto Insurance in Ca offers financial cover in the event of an accident or theft. But in case the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident is found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol or any drug of choice, the department of motor vehicles in California will have their driver’s license suspended. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not restrict the suspension of driver’s licenses to DUIs only since any violation of their laws will also warrant a suspension of a license. Once your driver’s license has been suspended for either reason, the best way to reinstate it is by obtaining a SR-22 Insurance Policy.

An SR-22 Insurance Policy is proof to the DMV that the individual whose license has been suspended has the least liability insurance cover required within the auto insurance parameters for the particular state and in this case, California. It can also be used in circumstances involving an uninsured motor vehicle accident. In the event that the driver did not have insurance the DMV will require a 3 year SR-22 and a 5 year SR-22 if the case involves DUI. However, SR-22 regulations still vary from state to state. The SR-22 filing period in Los Angeles, Ca is three years though due to stringent laws it may be extended depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. On the expiry of the SR-22 filing period, the driver’s insurance premiums may go low or back to normal. The guarantee of the premium reverting to normal heavily depends on if the driver has maintained a clean driving record for the period the SR-22 was active. Any reason that may bring about the lapse of the SR-22 policy will be forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles who will take a recommended course of action. This may involve an extension of the license suspension or any measure of penalty they see fit. The reason for lapse of the policy could be genuine like lack of enough funds to maintain the policy. The California Department of Motor Vehicles will take this under advisement but will most likely recommend that you desist from driving till the expiry of your license suspension. On the expiry or cancelation of the SR-22 policy, the insurance firm issues an SR-26 form that certifies the expiry or cancellation of the policy.

All states in US excluding New Mexico, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania have SR-22 insurance policy requirements. There are numerous insurance firms in the whole state of California that offer the SR-22 policy to drivers whose driving privileges have been revoked. Enter your Zip above to compare rates and services of highly ranked insurance firms offering SR policy along with the latest information on the industry.