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The Factors that Affect the California Car Insurance Premium of Senior Drivers

Insurance premiums are affected by many things and even the smallest things can make a big difference when we talk about insurance premiums. Insurance premiums are the amount of money you pay on a frequent basis with periodic intervals to your insurance company. These are the amounts you give to the insurance company in exchange for the car insurance in CA they provide to you. You should always keep in mind that many things can trigger spikes and decrease in insurance premiums and age is something that affects a lot. The age factor can either raise or decrease the insurance premiums for car insurance. The question is, how being old can affect car insurance premiums and whether the insurance premiums go up or down.

InsuranceQuotesForCarWell, first of all, there are two answers to that question. That is because different car insurance companies apply and implement different laws regarding car insurance premiums. That is because each and every car insurance company has a different criterion of determining whether a person’s car insurance premiums rise or decrease. Each and every car insurance company has a different way of determining that and a different criterion of doing that because they all have their unique yet different ways of doing things. When we talk about the increasing age of the person that purchases car insurance, the insurance company can do either two things. They can raise the premium or they can lower them.

That is mostly affected by two factors, the age of the insured and the criterion of the insurance company. There can be two scenarios, one where the insurance company raises the premiums and the other where they lower them. Here are both these scenarios explained in detail.

Raise- If the insurance company raises the premiums; it means that they don’t like the odds of old people getting into accidents. People state that when the insured starts becoming older, they become wiser and gain experience. Many insurance companies don’t believe that and they state that instead of becoming more wise and more experienced, the insured becomes more prone to accidents. These insurance companies are those insurance companies that deem teenagers to be more experienced than people who cross the big 50’s. However, most of these insurance companies start raising the CA insurance premiums when the insured crosses the age of 60-65. That is because even they believe that a person in their 50’s can drive well and they are not too prone to accidents.

Decrease- In the other scenario where the insurance company decreases the insurance premiums, they do it because they think of the people that cross their 50’s differently. These car insurance in CA companies state that the people that above 50 are not more prone to accidents because they drive safe as they drive slow and they are more experienced than any other drivers. They decide to decrease the insurance premiums of these people and they decide to give them a break. These insurance companies consider teenagers to be the most inexperienced driver and the driver that are the most prone to accidents.

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