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The Difference of Obtaining a Car Insurance in California

California often mocked as the American playground, is a world of opportunities, especially for a small townie, who has recently moved there. Big city with bigger jobs, bigger buildings giant highways greater population and greater number of people with car; greater number of car owners. For car insurers, a place like California is a giant and thriving market.

With number of vehicles in the roads and highways, there is congestion in the road, making your car more prone to traffic accidents. Well, at least that is what they explain their customers, and again if you are a novice when it comes to driving, then the probability of getting your car knocked up in California has hit a home run. California is one of the most heavily populated areas in America, streets and highways are congested with more cars so very obviously in the metropolitan accidents are more common. And the degree of car related crime is substantially higher here. These details and statistics and the common characteristics of the big cities eventually translate into higher coverage cost of car insurance premium in states like California.

No doubt, moving to a big city take a toll on your pocket. California car insurance Survey suggests that for a single male car owner, a resident of Red Bluff (which is located in rural Tehama County in Northern California) with 9 to 15 years of driving experience, an annual mileage between 7,600 and 10,000, who has no violations or accidents records, the average price for standard coverage for a Honda sedan is roughly $1,400. While for someone living in the Wilshire/La Brea area of urban Los Angeles in Southern California, the average premium increases to over $2,400;a staggering 71 percent jump.

Usually the premium rates offered by the California car insurance companies usually take into account, the geographical location and other factors, but most importantly what matters primarily is the person’s driving experience. It is required that all coverage providers must have their rating plans filed and approved by the CA Department of Insurance before they can be used. In the state of California, the car owners within the state are required to maintain an evidence of financial responsibility.

According to The California low cost automobile program, established under the 1999 legislature, insurance will be provided to income eligible people with liability insurance protection at affordable rates. However the system that ensures the issue of a list of applicants who are being provided the insurance based on their driving history and violation (if any) records is the fairest one.

In other words, in California, getting the cheapest auto insurance implies you have maintained a clean and legitimate driving record. Looking for the perfect car insurance scheme for you and your wheels? Enter your zip code, to get quotes from various companies, that too for FREE!