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The Difference between DUI and DWI in California

One of California auto insurance requirements is to avoid violation of traffic laws. DWI and DUI are must know terms if you are drive a vehicle in the United States of America. Whereas DUI signifies Driving under the Influence (mainly of Alcohol); DWI means Driving While Intoxicated. Whereas DUI is usually considered to be of a lesser offence than DWI, both have certain strict laws according to California DMV related to them. Different States have different laws related to both these factors. Whereas some states look at the level of the intoxicant in the blood level of the driver, some states look for the level of remorse in the person. Some states even do not differentiate between both these terms.

The California Auto Insurance Laws has some strict rules as far as DWI and DUI are concerned. There are usually two types of DUI in this state. The first one is based on the level of intoxication in the blood of the person. The second one relies on the sort of observation made by the authorities. However, the punishment for both these offences is one and same. In case a person if charged with either of these offences, you must know the laws related to these and the charges that can be levied upon you.

The two types of DUI laws are meant for the safety of others on the road. Hence they aim to keep any person who might be a risk to others, off the road. The first type of charge can be levied upon a person, if his/her driving skills have been affected by the use of drugs, alcohol or any other substance. The other type of charge can be levied upon a person if his/her blood alcohol level is more than 0.08 %. These laws have been framed keeping in mind both the safety of the driver as well as others on the road. It aims to keep the safety of citizens among their top priorities.

If a cop is suspicious that you are under the effect of alcohol, he might simply pull your car up and ask you to give a test. The tests are aimed at checking how sober the driver is. It might include anything including walking in a straight line, to following moving objects with your eyes. He might even ask you to balance on one foot. For the other charge, the officer must test the level of alcohol in the blood of the driver. So he/she often asks the driver to blow into instruments known as breathalyzer. These instruments can test the blood alcohol level once you breathe into this device. If the alcohol level is 0.08 or above you will surely be charged.

So you must know what the legal details of such charges are. This website provides you with an easy option of entering your zip code of your respective places and you can get the actual legal updates on these laws. You can also get the contacts of respective lawyers who specialise in this field and can provide you with suitable guidance regarding what is to be done. Beware now since it also affects your chance of having California cheap car insurance.