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The Consequences of Being Uninsured in California

These days no one is really safe on the street. This holds true to all roads and highways where ever you may be. Seeing the risk that all drivers are going through, California car insurance laws are actively intensifying its mandate to all vehicle owners. Law enforcers, on the other hand, are doing their best to go after those privately owned vehicles that have no financial responsibility proof. The law clearly said that no one can use the road or park their car in California without any car liability insurance or the surety bond or certificate from the DMV.

What will happen if you failed to pay your car insurance premium?

Despite the given grace period, the insurance company can now electronically furnish the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) the list of vehicle owners whose insurances are no longer active if you are still unable to pay for the car insurance. This law was implemented way back 2006. All court personnel and law enforcement can also access the California DMV records to check if your vehicle is presently insured.

What happens if you failed to follow what is required?

Vehicle owners will meet strict penalties. Driving without car insurance is illegal; therefore you can have your license invalidated for at least four years. You can only get it back after one year if you can show proof of financial responsibility. Likewise, your car registration will be revoked and you may be given a citation. In the simplest term, your own driving record will be marred and there will be other penalties and fines to pay. Surely, your car insurance premium will go up as well.

On the other hand, what are the benefits that you can enjoy if you have your vehicle liability insurance updated?

When your proof of financial responsibility is current with no history of any defaults, you can renew your car registration online or through the phone or at any self-service terminals. Aside from the convenience, you don’t have to submit other documents when you process for your vehicle renewal.

Obtaining California car insurance is easy these days. Car insurance companies are lowering their premiums because of stiff competition. Such competition can definitely benefit every vehicle owner. From this page, you can enter your zip and have access to all car insurance companies near your area. Once you have the information, you can request for a price quote and compare the premiums for free within a few minutes.