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The Auto Insurance Laws in California and How it Can Affect High Risk Drivers

The auto insurance laws in California clearly stated that any vehicle without any financial responsibility document is bound to a garage. Meaning, you cannot use in any of the public roads and highways in California. Anyone who violates will be dealt with accordingly. The car insurance laws protect you from any accident related to road/traffic anywhere in California. The implementations of this law dated back in 1984, and since then there many changes were made to have a seamless car insurance law. For instance, in 2006, all car insurance companies are mandated to report insurance status information to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), which covers private vehicles.


The recent changes have made it easier for the State in California to track down private vehicle car liability insurance. Such as effort assures the public that, the car next to you is currently holding a legitimate car liability insurance to cover whatever expenses related to road accidents. DWU/DUI drivers are among those who hold valid car liability insurance, which is good to know. Nevertheless, the premium certificate should not be the passport for driving under influence of intoxicated.

The DWI/DUI laws in California are stern. Meaning if a driver with charge with DWI/DUI he or she faces jail time and other fees/penalties. Second and third offenses follow much higher penalties such as; for a second offense, the jail time is from 10 days to 1 year and 120 days up to 1 year for third offense. The monetary fine and penalties are also doubled; second offense pays a minimum of $1800 to $2800 and $1800 to $18000, plus license suspension.

The goal of the state and well as the car insurance companies are to protect the injured party due to DWI/DUI. It clearly stated that the minimum liability insurance requirements were; $15,000 for a single person who is injured or died, $30,000 for more than one person who either died or injured and $5,000 for physical damage to property. The car insurance law is not singling out the DWI/DUI drivers but to the rest of the vehicle owners. You do not have to spend a single cent to have your car fixed, nor pay for your hospital bills, if your car was hit or you sideswiped another car. The car insurance takes care of it.

Car insurance companies are actively engaging to their existing clients and potential premium holders to avail of their services. The stiff competition made these companies lower their premiums. By doing so, their program, which offers low rates, encourages vehicle owners to secure car liability insurance. To know the car insurance company in your area that offers affordable rates, enter your zip, and you will be presented with a list of companies for you to request for a quote. The auto insurance laws in California are crafted to keep you, financial free from the expenses due to road accidents.