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The Answers to Your Questions about Miminum Requirements for Calfornia Auto Insurance

Amendment in the law in 2006, the way DMV verified the automobile insurance for private vehicles has been changed. This was required so that every vehicle in California has financial responsibility coverage in case of any accident and to remove all the vehicles that are not insured from the highways.

According to the new law, all the insurance companies in the state have to submit a report about private vehicle insurance being provided by them to various drivers. This has been included in the law so that no company can bypass this step.

When will be required to show proofs of insurance?

This law applies to any vehicle present on the roads of the state. The driver has to carry a proof of their vehicle’s insurance all the time with them. There are situations when you’ll be required to present the papers before the concerned authority. This can be when you are asked by a police officer to show the proof, or when you are renewing your vehicle’s registration or when an accident is caused by your vehicle.

What counts as a proof of my auto insurance in California?

There are several documents which can serve this purpose. These include:

– Papers provided by your company.

– Authorization certificate

– an SR-22 form

– an REG-5085 form

– an REG-256 form

I’m a private vehicle owner. What are the least requirements for California auto insurance?

For private vehicles, minimum requirements include fifteen thousand dollars for an accident in which only one person has been injured. In case more than one person has been injured, the minimum increases to thirty thousand dollars. For damages to property, a minimum of Five thousand dollars should be covered.

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Are there other ways of acquiring the financial responsibility?

Need alternatives? There are a few available. Like, instead of having an insurance of your vehicle, you can submit thirty five thousand dollars to the Department of Motor Vehicles, California. Else, you can have a certificate saying that you’re self-insured, provided to you by DMV itself. There’s one more way; you can get a surety bond for thirty five thousand dollars from a company which is licensed to do so in the state.

Are there situations when my vehicle registration may get suspended?

Your vehicle registration may get suspended in the following situations:

First. If you’re insurance has been cancelled and has not been replaced within a period of forty five days.

Second. If all the info regarding your insurance policy is not submitted to the Department within a month of the date on which a registration card is issued, your license is likely to get suspended.

Third. If the State finds out that the evidence you provided about your insurance were a fraud.

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