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Essential DUI Laws In California That Needs To Be Observed

There are many laws in every single state in the United States of America. That is because every state has different things to take care of and when we talk about the laws of the road, every single state in the US is full of them. These laws are decided by the department of motor vehicles of the respective state. We will be talking about the laws of the road in California, which are decided and passed by the California DMV. The Californian department of motor vehicles has a huge mandate of deciding what is legal, what is not on the roads of the state, and that is why they have made so many laws. All of these laws refer to different things. There are some specific laws that are known as the California DUI/DWI laws.

California is a huge state and there have to be laws, laws regarding drunken driving or driving under the influence of substances that are illegal in the state. DUI is the abbreviation for driving while under the influence and that is the influence of either alcohol or alcoholic substances. Drugs that increase the BAC (blood alcohol level) concentrations of a person count as substances that can put a person under the influence and that are why they are banned. Well, there are some specific laws regarding DUI offenses and DUI charges (1). These laws should be memorized by every single Californian out there because these laws are important and crucial. Here are some of the most must-know DUI laws in California.

1.            Decline to be tested and you will pay- When the police get their hands on a person that they think is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they immediately tell them to face a wall and remain silent. Next, they start testing the person for the BAC level. If the person retaliates and declines to be tested, they are to be taken into custody immediately. That is because the police is the law and condemning or declining the law will not be unpunished.

2.            The penalties increase as you become habitual- As a person become a habitual violator of the law, they are subjected to harsh punishments that are recommended and are advised to be given by the California DMV. That is because when a person starts disrespecting the law repeatedly, they need to b taught a serious lesson.

This lesson comes in the form of extremely harsh punishments and penalties that are specially designed to teach the people that are habitual of condemning and disrespecting the law a lesson that they will remember and a lesson that they will think of when they even have thoughts of breaking DUI laws once again.

3.            You need to say something, say it to the jury- A person should never quarrel with the police and they should never tell the police to back off. That is because the police is doing their job and you have to respect them. If a person fails to do that, they might be looking at more charges pressed against them.


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