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Finding Affordable California Car Insurance for Students

For many students in college, the common way to get around the campus is through public transportation.  More students nowadays are able to afford a car but are still having problems when it comes to California Car Insurance premiums. The benefits of having a car in college can never be fully experienced if the insurance premiums are unattainable. Being that one is still in school, the budget is limited. One should be very careful and wise when selecting a policy. Generally, teen age drivers have to pay high insurance premiums as compared to older or more experienced drivers. This is because there are more insurance claims from persons in this age bracket due to their inexperienced or careless driving. All insurance firms base their premium rates on a number of factors. These are your driving record, gender, residence, age and the average distance you travel in your vehicle every day. These factors are mandatory for every insurance firm so there is no way of getting car insurance in California without going through them.


When looking for a California car Insurance policy customized for students, go through as many insurance companies as you can. Once you have got the many different quotes, narrow them down to at least three of the most viable ones. Gather as much as you can on this three with the rates and benefits according to your requirements. Insurance companies generally offer cover on similar grounds but make sure to know the basics with each cover and how it benefits you. Tailor made student car insurance policies may come with some discounts. A company may put this in place to make the Insurance Premiums affordable to the students. Take note of this as you gather information on the three potential companies that you have settled on. Take advantage of special or promotional student insurance packages since they will benefit you a lot. Factors like the model, shape and color of the car also affect the cost of the Insurance Premium. For instance the Insurance Premiums for a four door sedan are much lower than those of a two door sports car. This is because the safety of the car heavily influences the insurance cover you will get. Basically, the safer your car is, the lower the Insurance Premiums. Ensure that you know the current value of your car. This may seem trivial to many students but you may be paying Insurance Premiums that are valued for a new car while you may be driving a slightly older one.  This will adversely affect your pocket if your cover calls for a high deductible. An insurance policy with a low premium and high deductible is a sure way of reducing your expenditure, but it is a disadvantage if your vehicle is wrongly valued.  There are numerous online valuation sites to assist you. Start by entering your Zip at the start of this site to benefit from the valuation and insurance companies on the net.