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What are the Factors that Affect the California Car Insurance Rate of Teen Drivers

Every age group has many different effects on car insurance in CA rates and costs. That is because each and every age group has a different amount of experience, different style of driving and probability of being in an accident and a different probability of causing one. The age group of the person who wants to get insurance indeed affects the insurance costs and the insurance premiums. All that differs is that each and every age group has different effects on the insurance policy. Some age groups require the insurance company to raise the insurance costs whereas some require the insurance company to give the insured a break and decrease the amount. A person must be careful when they are in certain age groups such as the teenage and they should find the insurance company that provides them with special discounts and extras when something are accomplished that proves that teenager is responsible.

Here are some effects that being a teenager can have on car insurance rates and how being a teenager can affects car insurance.

1.            Insurance company deems most teenagers as irresponsible- Most insurance companies deem teenagers as irresponsible and immature which means that they don’t believe teenagers can handle insurance. That is why getting independent insurance policies for teenagers can be a hassle and that is also why getting independent insurance policies for a teenager costs so much. Most teenagers drive rough and are more prone to accidents because they are known as the ‘dangerous driver’ and they are also noted to be inexperienced. The company does not want these kinds of drivers to be insured by them because if they cause accidents, the insurance company will have to take care of them. There are very less insurance companies that think differently and deem teenagers to be responsible and mature.

2.            The increased risk- When a person is in the teenage and visits an insurance company to get car insurance in CA or their respective state, the car insurance representative first works out the probability or likelihood of them being involved in an accident or causing one, depending on the type of insurance policy they opt for. With a teenager, the insurance representative estimates the likelihood as being too high just because they are known to drive rough. Most insurance companies believe that teenagers are the drivers that are the most prone to accidents.

3.            The lack of experience- There is no doubt in the fact that teenagers are the most inexperienced drivers that exist. That is because obviously when a person starts doing something, they have zero or little experience in it. Teenagers have a distinct lack of experience when it comes to driving but they can cover it up if they choose to be good drivers and drive safe on the road. If they don’t, it will cost for their car insurance a lot.


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Underage DUI and DWI Laws in California

The state of California does not condone Underage DUIs. The standard age limit by law for one to begin drinking in America is 21 years of age. In addition to that, it is illegal for any person under the age of 21 to drive any vehicle with an amount of alcohol in their system.  A blood alcohol level of over 0.01 percent will be defined as a breach of the law and will result to driver’s license suspension for up to one year. The level of penalties vented on the individual can change depending on the level of intoxication of the driver. This is clearly stated in the California Vehicle Code under section 23140 which states that any underage driver with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent and above must face DUI charges. When found guilty of this infraction, the underage driver will be required by law to attend a rehabilitation program which is mandatory. This zero tolerance policy on underage DUI is a trend maintained by many states in America. The DUI blood alcohol level restriction is a bit higher for persons above the age of 21. Their blood alcohol level should be less than 0.08 percent. Anything higher than this will warrant an indictment which could lead to incarceration, driver’s license suspension (for up to a year), community service, probation, fines and enrolment in an alcohol rehabilitation program.

An Underage DUI conviction can have dire ramifications that could put a blemish on someone’s clean record in the future. Some parents may say that it is a worthy life lesson for their children regardless of the real consequences behind such a conviction. In real sense any jail time, license suspension, monetary fines and other penalties will eventually fall to the parents. For instance, if the parent was paying for the insurance, they will now have to pay higher premiums or look for a new coverage once the child’s driver’s license has been reinstated. This said, parents should not just let their children proceed with underage drinking and wait for the law to teach them a lesson. This way of thinking will make you lose more than you will gain from controlling your child.

In case an individual is arrested on an Underage DUI offense, it is advisable to hire a DUI Lawyer. You may not know it but there are many more avenues of defence to explore and implement despite the failed sobriety and chemical tests. Without a lawyer to advise you on your rights and privileges you may as well be a sitting duck for the state to make an example out of you. As soon as you are arrested, inform your DUI lawyer immediately and wait for their response. This quick response could stand between a harsh conviction, reduction of charges and an all out acquittal. Enter your Zip above to check ways to avoid or control Underage DUIs.

The SR-22 Auto Insurance Policy in Los Angeles, Ca

Due to the increasing number of accidents, auto insurance laws are strict everywhere especially in Los Angeles, Ca. The Auto Insurance in Ca offers financial cover in the event of an accident or theft. But in case the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident is found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol or any drug of choice, the department of motor vehicles in California will have their driver’s license suspended. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not restrict the suspension of driver’s licenses to DUIs only since any violation of their laws will also warrant a suspension of a license. Once your driver’s license has been suspended for either reason, the best way to reinstate it is by obtaining a SR-22 Insurance Policy.

An SR-22 Insurance Policy is proof to the DMV that the individual whose license has been suspended has the least liability insurance cover required within the auto insurance parameters for the particular state and in this case, California. It can also be used in circumstances involving an uninsured motor vehicle accident. In the event that the driver did not have insurance the DMV will require a 3 year SR-22 and a 5 year SR-22 if the case involves DUI. However, SR-22 regulations still vary from state to state. The SR-22 filing period in Los Angeles, Ca is three years though due to stringent laws it may be extended depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. On the expiry of the SR-22 filing period, the driver’s insurance premiums may go low or back to normal. The guarantee of the premium reverting to normal heavily depends on if the driver has maintained a clean driving record for the period the SR-22 was active. Any reason that may bring about the lapse of the SR-22 policy will be forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles who will take a recommended course of action. This may involve an extension of the license suspension or any measure of penalty they see fit. The reason for lapse of the policy could be genuine like lack of enough funds to maintain the policy. The California Department of Motor Vehicles will take this under advisement but will most likely recommend that you desist from driving till the expiry of your license suspension. On the expiry or cancelation of the SR-22 policy, the insurance firm issues an SR-26 form that certifies the expiry or cancellation of the policy.

All states in US excluding New Mexico, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania have SR-22 insurance policy requirements. There are numerous insurance firms in the whole state of California that offer the SR-22 policy to drivers whose driving privileges have been revoked. Enter your Zip above to compare rates and services of highly ranked insurance firms offering SR policy along with the latest information on the industry.

Lower Rates for Car Insurance in California for Teen Drivers

Teenage Drivers in California may just view this as good news. The rates for Car Insurance in California might be going down for them. California is known for its competitors raising their rates in the past years, but all hope is not lost. This is more so for those individuals who will prove that they are serious and ready to do something to prevent accidents by young drivers from happening.


New program with discounted rates

There is a new program for teenage drivers in California that is offering discounted rates of up to 15% of the standard rate. The discount program is based on some sought of loyalty factor, whereby teens are given discounts based on the period of time in which their parents have been insured with a certain company. This discount program is an excellent way to reward those customers who have been with them for long periods by giving lower rates for their teenagers.

Safe Driving Program

California is offering a safe driving program that will consequently and automatically give discounts to teenage drivers who complete the driving courses successfully. The courses are optional but offer very important information. Most of these courses include the theory part in classrooms as well as the practical bit of it on the roads behind the wheel which is critical in teaching teenage drivers proper driving habits and safety from the very beginning. Parents should feel much safer with this course as it is better for their teenage sons and daughters to learn from a paid and experienced instructor than learning by watching from the back seat as their parents drive.

Research is Key

If you have teen drivers in the house and you are in search for low insurance rates, it is better to do your research before you switch your car insurance company choice. The most common thing that happens with many families in California is that they switch to another car insurance company for their teenagers because the other company may be offering a great deal at the time, then when an accident happens and their teenagers happen to be at fault, they end up in a situation whereby their insurance is cancelled or the rates have all of a sudden sky-rocketed. Once the accident happens, the great deal disappears. Most of the car insurance companies in California that do this are not the big companies that already have a big market share. Research has shown that this usually happens with the small companies with little market share.

If you are a concerned parent and are not sure of whether your teens car insurance in California is getting the best rates, enter your zip above and compare your current rates with other companies. Do it now and get the best and lowest rates in your area.