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How is California Auto Insurance Illustrated in State Auto Insurance Laws

As per California State auto laws if one passes the test, he/she is allowed to carry rates lower than the fore mentioned 15/30/5; that is $15,000 to $30,000 for bodily injury and $5,000 for property damage.

If someone hits a car that is not on the road, then the first $15,000 is supposed to be released. if there was somebody (one person) in the car that has been hit but if there were more than one person on the vehicle hit, then it could go to $30,000 (only if they are injured too).

Incase property has been damaged then a $5,000 is paid to help the other person get his/her car back. One thing that should not be forgotten is if the guardrails have been spoilt on the freeway that is if one had parked the car on the 7/11 the damage has to be paid for.

Auto Insurance in California provides offices where one could get up to 25/50/25 for insurance policy, that is to say it covers $25,000 to one person who is injured and $50,000 if it’s more than one person injured, that is in one accident.  Lastly, $25,000 in case one has damaged the other person’s car, but in some cases one happens to hit, a car that is so expensive then he/she can be sure that 25,000 dollars compensation in not enough to help the person whose car has been hit. Although better than the ones that offer $ 5,000 that, some companies give for damage. The gap between the 15/30/5 and the 25/50/25 is around $40,000 in six months.

Car insurance companies have their own way of finding out about how one had an accident, therefore making it very difficult for one to claim any compensation falsely. They also pay when they have confirmed that one’s car is a total wreck and cannot be in use anymore. What they give is fair market value or actual cash value of vehicles. To know these values the insurance could check in the newspapers or on the internet and though other private companies that deal with cars. They could also use their own secret ways to know the exact value of your car.

It is very important therefore that one strikes a good insurance deal for his car in order to get better results in future in case of any accidents. The best part of these insurance policies is that even if you made a deal with them years ago, when the value of your car was still low, then they will give you back your car for the present value. They advise that one should look carefully into the future of the car he/she is buying to avoid complications during the time of compensation.


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