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Essential DUI Laws In California That Needs To Be Observed

There are many laws in every single state in the United States of America. That is because every state has different things to take care of and when we talk about the laws of the road, every single state in the US is full of them. These laws are decided by the department of motor vehicles of the respective state. We will be talking about the laws of the road in California, which are decided and passed by the California DMV. The Californian department of motor vehicles has a huge mandate of deciding what is legal, what is not on the roads of the state, and that is why they have made so many laws. All of these laws refer to different things. There are some specific laws that are known as the California DUI/DWI laws.

California is a huge state and there have to be laws, laws regarding drunken driving or driving under the influence of substances that are illegal in the state. DUI is the abbreviation for driving while under the influence and that is the influence of either alcohol or alcoholic substances. Drugs that increase the BAC (blood alcohol level) concentrations of a person count as substances that can put a person under the influence and that are why they are banned. Well, there are some specific laws regarding DUI offenses and DUI charges (1). These laws should be memorized by every single Californian out there because these laws are important and crucial. Here are some of the most must-know DUI laws in California.

1.            Decline to be tested and you will pay- When the police get their hands on a person that they think is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they immediately tell them to face a wall and remain silent. Next, they start testing the person for the BAC level. If the person retaliates and declines to be tested, they are to be taken into custody immediately. That is because the police is the law and condemning or declining the law will not be unpunished.

2.            The penalties increase as you become habitual- As a person become a habitual violator of the law, they are subjected to harsh punishments that are recommended and are advised to be given by the California DMV. That is because when a person starts disrespecting the law repeatedly, they need to b taught a serious lesson.

This lesson comes in the form of extremely harsh punishments and penalties that are specially designed to teach the people that are habitual of condemning and disrespecting the law a lesson that they will remember and a lesson that they will think of when they even have thoughts of breaking DUI laws once again.

3.            You need to say something, say it to the jury- A person should never quarrel with the police and they should never tell the police to back off. That is because the police is doing their job and you have to respect them. If a person fails to do that, they might be looking at more charges pressed against them.


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Comprehensive Information about Car Insurance in California

Car insurance in California is the type of auto insurance that covers private cars. Certain laws are followed before car insurance is issued in California. Car insurance in California is a multiple-line insurance, meaning that it includes both property and liability coverage, with an indivisible premium, meaning that a single premium is paid for all risks.

California car insurance will come at hand if you get involved in a case under driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under influence (DUI). If it is proven that your blood alcohol level was more than 0.02%, the prosecution against you is immediately begun. Your license will be suspended and your car registration is suspended too. After your case has been judged, depending on the degree of your crime, you will be needed to pay a fine of around $1,000. You might have to serve some jail time as well. Moreover, to reinstate your personal driving license, you might have to pay a fine to the tune of $125 to the department of motor vehicles in California. Even after the fine, the expense of the lawsuit is what may make you lose your property and wealth. That is when the benefit of having a car insurance California is observed. Most car insurances have the provision of covering for your lawsuit expenses. Car insurance companies in California will not only cover for your lawsuit expenses but also provide for your minimum liability coverage.

The state prescribed amount starts from $15,000/$30,000/$5,000. This is the minimum amount that you will have to pay up and it could rise further too, for just one accident. Therefore, for an average American, it would be very difficult to pay this kind of money. This is where you insurance policy will bail you out. Even if you are an uninsured or under insured driver, if coverage is provided for the vehicle by its owner, you are sure to get cover too. So, even if you are uninsured or under insured, you will get coverage. In addition, one can avail of insurance for rented cars. It is mandatory for rented cars to have insurance too. Therefore, you should immediately contact your rental car provider for the insurance. You must always carry a copy of the documents, quoting the insurance clause. In California, it is mandatory to have insurance. If you are unable to produce the requisite papers when pulled over, your license for, driving as well as car’s registration might be cancelled. For its renewal, you might have to pay a fine of almost $1,000. Apart from that, you might have to pay a fee to the California DMV to get your licenses reinstated.

The average premium for a policy is $847. It is the 16th highest in the United States. However, if you act smart, you can save up to $300 and get all the required coverage. To obtain more knowledge about car insurance in California, simply enter your ZIP code in the space provided and you will get the results in minutes and free of cost completely. So, do not be duped, act smart and buy the best policy around!

California Auto Insurance Laws that Must Be Observed

CaliforniaDiscountAutoInsuranceThere are certain rules and regulations of auto insurance in every state. These rules and regulations vary for every state and it is very important to keep them in mind. In California you need to provide evidence of your auto insurance when you own a car. The California DMV is the department of motor and vehicles in the U.S. state of California responsible for registration of motor vehicles and boats and for issuing the driving license. California follows “at fault” auto insurance system. According to this system If you have suffered in an accident you may turn to the person who is at fault in the accident instead of your car insurance company to pay the damage and medical bills. Under this fault auto insurance system you can claim one of the following actions if you have suffered in an accident:

  • Claim under your own auto insurance company
  • Claim through the”at fault’s” auto insurance company
  • Claim a personal injury lawsuit against the “at fault” driver

Here is an elementary guide to the California auto insurance laws:

Minimal coverage required:

This liability is required to compensate others for property damage or injuries in case an accident takes place. All the ones who drive through California must secure themselves with this much minimal amount listed below.

  • Fifteen thousand USD – In case one individual is badly injured or even likely to die.
  • Thirty Thousand USD – In case of death or injury to more than one person.
  • Five thousand USD – In case of damage to property.

You can carry more coverage if you are at fault of an accident. Your auto insurance company will only pay up to the maximum of your policy. Once your total damage exceeds that amount, you will have to pay all the dues by yourself.

Responsibility of finances:

Under the laws of California it is not important to buy a qualifying insurance policy. You can choose from the following methods to be complied the California financial responsibility requirements:

  • Deposit an amount of 35,000 USD to motor vehicles department of California
  • Get certified with a self insurance through DMV for double a dozen vehicles.
  • Get a 35,000 USD surety bond from a legitimate licensed company in California

Requirements for Auto Insurance (Rental) in state of California-:

In California it is important to show a proof of auto insurance whether you own or rent a car. It is usually less expensive to obtain coverage for car rentals from insurance provider of the driver rather than getting it from a rental company. However it is must to carry the insurance all the time.

Driving Laws For Teens in California

California permits your kid to have their driving license at the age of 15 ½. They will get a virtual permission for a period of half a year before the license is issued. They need to provide some information and a driving test to California’s department of motor and vehicles in order to get the driving license in California.

Thus, in this part of the world, to be secure on the move, auto insurance is a necessity for every individual and it is more important to comply with California auto insurance laws, as these laws which are expected to abide by.ission for a period of half a year before the license is issued. They need to provide some information and a driving test to California’s department of motor and vehicles in order to get the driving license in California.

What are the Minimim Requirements for California Car Insurance

Accidents are inevitable. Unfortunately no one knows when and how one can happen. The worst your savings might not be able to help you to cope up for the damages. Is it enough to maintain the same quality of life? The answer is a big “NO”. This is why it is important to get insured. You can start it by having auto insurance in California.

Why auto insurance is an asset for the drivers of California?

It safeguards you and your vehicle by providing financial coverage in case of sporadic events that may occur anywhere, anytime.

No auto insurance!  Can you still drive in California?

Well, in any part of the world driving without license is a crime in itself. If you are found not carrying auto insurance in California while driving your car your license is liable to be suspended and the vehicle to be seized.

When and why do you need it SR-22 form?

Based on past records one can analyze the driver’s potential how much risk prone is he or not. These records may refer to suspension of the license or driving without insurance in the event of an accident. In such cases SR-22 form comes into play by acting as an agent for retrieval of the license through the insurance company you are linked with.


What minimal amount one should be insured before driving the wheels through California?

Minimal coverage depends on different categories of incidents as listed below:

Category 1 – When there is an injury to the body or one individual is liable to die, then insurance amounts to around 15000 USD.

Category 2 – Similarly, if two are liable to die then the amount doubles i.e $30,000.

Category 3 – The third category is to insure any damage inflicted upon the property over the years which amount to a minimum of $5,000.

How to get hold of the best quotes of auto insurance in California?

Our website is up and ready to provide you with the best quotes around to enable the investors differentiate between the good and the best rates available.


What affects my insurance rates?

Insurance depends on various points. The most important of them is the driving experience of the concerned investor if he/she holds any bad record previously. It also depends on the type of vehicle being used whether it is a two wheeler or a four wheeler. If you are a family person, the chances of you driving more responsibly increases, thus, it constitutes another fact to be considered. Suit yourselves with the best deals available in the market.

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The Difference between DUI and DWI in California

One of California auto insurance requirements is to avoid violation of traffic laws. DWI and DUI are must know terms if you are drive a vehicle in the United States of America. Whereas DUI signifies Driving under the Influence (mainly of Alcohol); DWI means Driving While Intoxicated. Whereas DUI is usually considered to be of a lesser offence than DWI, both have certain strict laws according to California DMV related to them. Different States have different laws related to both these factors. Whereas some states look at the level of the intoxicant in the blood level of the driver, some states look for the level of remorse in the person. Some states even do not differentiate between both these terms.

The California Auto Insurance Laws has some strict rules as far as DWI and DUI are concerned. There are usually two types of DUI in this state. The first one is based on the level of intoxication in the blood of the person. The second one relies on the sort of observation made by the authorities. However, the punishment for both these offences is one and same. In case a person if charged with either of these offences, you must know the laws related to these and the charges that can be levied upon you.

The two types of DUI laws are meant for the safety of others on the road. Hence they aim to keep any person who might be a risk to others, off the road. The first type of charge can be levied upon a person, if his/her driving skills have been affected by the use of drugs, alcohol or any other substance. The other type of charge can be levied upon a person if his/her blood alcohol level is more than 0.08 %. These laws have been framed keeping in mind both the safety of the driver as well as others on the road. It aims to keep the safety of citizens among their top priorities.

If a cop is suspicious that you are under the effect of alcohol, he might simply pull your car up and ask you to give a test. The tests are aimed at checking how sober the driver is. It might include anything including walking in a straight line, to following moving objects with your eyes. He might even ask you to balance on one foot. For the other charge, the officer must test the level of alcohol in the blood of the driver. So he/she often asks the driver to blow into instruments known as breathalyzer. These instruments can test the blood alcohol level once you breathe into this device. If the alcohol level is 0.08 or above you will surely be charged.

So you must know what the legal details of such charges are. This website provides you with an easy option of entering your zip code of your respective places and you can get the actual legal updates on these laws. You can also get the contacts of respective lawyers who specialise in this field and can provide you with suitable guidance regarding what is to be done. Beware now since it also affects your chance of having California cheap car insurance.

Essential Features of California Car Insurance

Knowing the basic requirements of California car insurance first will involve less complexities and lesser time.

Let’s start with 3 basic California auto insurance requirements:

Minimum limits:

Liability insurance coverage is compulsory for every driver in California. This liability insurance covers loss and damage caused to passenger and car by an accident. All drivers who own and drive any type of vehicle must carry insurance with the following minimum limits:

•             Death of a driver, passenger or pedestrian (single person): $15000.

•             Death of more than one person/passenger/pedestrian: $30000.

•             Damage caused to property/car by an accident: $5000.

As these are only the minimum coverage a driver must possess, it is advisable to buy coverage more than the minimum amount stated. One argument given in favor of buying high liability coverage is as follows:

“In case of an accident in which you are considered faulty, your insurer will only cover you up to the policy stated. After the policy is exhausted rest of the damages and expenses are to be covered by you.”


What’s the alternative?

If you live in California, you can be among the overwhelming number of residents who are willing to purchase an auto insurance policy that entertains coverage to equal or exceeding minimum limits. There are few other methods allowed by the state financial responsibilities law. Instead of getting your hands dirty with a standard qualifying auto insurance policy, vehicles owner can:

•             Apply for self-insurance certificate from California DMV.

•             Get $35000 worth surety bond from an insurer that is licensed to do business in California.

•             A cash deposit of $35000 with the California DMV can be a good alternative.

Rental auto insurance requirements in California

Even on rental cars, auto insurance is compulsory in California. Insurance coverage can be with the driver’s regular insurer or through the rental company’s insurer. Common sense says: insurance coverage from the rental company’s insurer is cheaper than purchasing regular auto insurance for you. Whatever the case maybe; California state wants you to keep proof of auto insurance with yourselves whenever you are on the wheels.

Are you eligible for California car insurance?

Insurance companies operating in California are bound to calculate eligibility of insurance contract by keeping in account the following things: Policy coverage type, payment history and previous payments.

Note: In California, checking credit scores before deciding premium is prohibited. No insurance company will ask you for it.

California car insurance

Moreover, we have found that this current month is one of the months in which car insurance companies compete aggressively with each other, pushing rates down to extremely low levels. This could be the best time in years to make sure you aren’t paying too much on your car insurance. You can compare your existing policy or just get an idea of what a new policy could cost you. Simply enter your zip on the top of this page and compare auto insurance quotes in California we match you with to start saving.

A Guide to Be Secured While Driving in California

There are various factors on which the price of insurance is designed. It really depends on the category of the vehicle, the type of the vehicle and also the amount of time an individual is likely to spend on the road. The prices of the car insurance are much higher for a new car than an old one. If an individual has an older car and if he does not travel much rather than living his usual daily activities like attending school then a basic insurance policy would be all that he needs in order to protect himself. In cases of using a new vehicle, take a sports car as an example. The individual is liable to drive it more and might lose his way out. In this case he has to choose an insurance product with a greater coverage level.

So, when you move through the state of California the question arises. Are you secured while driving? Unlike in other parts of the world, driving without car insurance is an offense one has to pay dearly for in California. License is not the only requirement to drive in the state, its compulsory that you have your vehicle insured with any legitimate licensed insurance company. And even if one doesn’t drive their vehicles, he/she should possess auto insurance. The fiscal responsibility Law in California is another mandatory rule which states that the vehicle’s owner is to be held responsible fiscally for their deeds. Relating to this section there are certain minimal limits termed as “Liability Insurance” one should take care about, ranging from 5000 to 30000 American dollars for property damage to death of the victims. If you are driving without an insurance policy in a state like California, you are calling trouble upon yourself and you have to face various atrocities such as:

Penalty :  If by any chance you are busted by the cop for breaking the traffic rules and you are not able to bring forth your insurance papers, a record will be issued against your name irrespective of you carrying a license or not. The magnitude of the fine depends on how the situation copes up. 200 to 500 USD is a minimum amount one has to pay for breaking the law. Plus your vehicle’s registration number gets a bad name to itself which will haunt you while buying auto insurance in future.

Suspension of License:  If you think you are penalized once by a chance and you won’t be penalized again, you are completely wrong. First time they might let you off with a fine but if you are spotted again without the policy papers, there is a chance you will lose your registered license. The suspension of the license can amount to a period of 6 to 12 months and one has to file an SR-22 form through Department of Motor Vehicles to retrieve it back. During this period, the registration of the vehicle may be hanged up or cancelled as well depending on the past records of the vehicle’s owner.

After Effects: Charged with a fine, license suspended and still driving. This could turn out to be disastrous for you personally and financially. Here, money won’t be the solution. One has to face criminal charges for breaking rules and regulations again and may be put behind bars with the relevant charges. The term of imprisonment relies under the circumstances in which one is caught, whether it was an accident or a minor crime. The “at fault” driver may be penalized with a substantive fine or arrested for a period of 1 month to a year for not carrying or possessing auto insurance in California.

If you want to drive your wheels safely through California and get yourself secured on the move, you should keep in mind the following points and abide by them:

Fault Insurance Law: Very few states like California have amended this law which is basically a financial penalty for the damage inflicted upon the victim and their property. If a particular individual is proved guilty of an accident then he/she has to take care of all the medical expenses involved during the victim’s treatment. The victim may also take lawful actions against the accused driver and may drag him to court.

Insurance Proof: In regards to California Auto Insurance Laws, it is mandatory for a citizen to show up the concerned authorities that their vehicle is insured. The law also opens up an option for the driver to have a self insurance and for that he/she has to produce necessary documents issued by the California DMV.

Have coverage of minimum liability Insurance: The coverage is subcategorized in two parts, one is for the damage to the vehicle and the second is the physical damage to the owner of the vehicle. The minimal coverage amount for damage of the vehicle is around 5000 USD and that for the owner is around 15000 USD which gets multiplied with the number of people injured in a single event.

Guarantee yourselves in a world without any Guarantee: What might happen or when that might happen, nobody knows. But for our downfall, we are the only one responsible when we ignore something as important as getting an insurance for a stress-free life. Get the best quotes of auto insurance in California from our website and work out which one suits your budget and needs. But don’t decide the whole thing on money. Many people are known to pick up the minimum to suit themselves but that may not be enough to shield you if you are caught up in a serious accident or you are the reason for it to happen. In both the cases it’s your loss which no one can do anything about if you haven’t insured yourself and your vehicle with a proper policy.

Henceforth, if you are still to get auto insurance for your beloved vehicles do not delay anymore. It’s high time you should get one and drive freely on the streets of California with the guarantee of your safety and of those on the road with you. One good thing, this website can get best of the deals. Just enter the zip code, fill in the basic information and grab the best in the market. It’s quick and effortless. Use our insurance matching service to provide you only the best.

What the Law Says Regarding Auto Insurance in California

In California, the statutory minimum requirement of liability insurance falls into three parts:

•             Five thousand dollars for any one vehicle accident in respect to property damage

•             Fifteen thousand dollars for injury or death of one person in any one accident and

•             Thirty thousand dollars for injury or death of two or more people in any one accident

Auto insurance in California allows one to benefit the following:

–          To attain financial responsibility via an automobile or motor vehicle liability insurance cover,

–          A 35,000 dollar deposit with the California DMV,

–          A thirty five thousand dollar surety bond from a California licensed auto insurance company or self-auto insurance certificate granted by the California DMV to owners who have more than 25 Vehicles in their fleet.

Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist Coverage Requirements

Uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage is not a mandatory requirement in the state of California but it comes highly recommended by the California car insurance companies. It ranges from a least amount of fifty thousand dollars to as much as one may be able to purchase.

Rental Car Insurance Requirements

Seeing, as all vehicles are required by law to be insured, auto insurance in California is mandatory even for rented vehicles. Most of the credit card companies and California car insurance companies have policies that are inclusive of rental car. However, if this is not included in the above options, auto insurance can be bought at the vehicle rental company. As proof of financial responsibility in case of an accident, a copy of the agreement between you and the rental company showing the insurance coverage must be with you in the car in case a law enforcement officer may ask for it.

Exclusion of coverage laws

In the state of California, there are legitimate reasons that an auto insurance company may exclude a driver from their car insurance coverage lawfully. This does not mean however, that they are not financially responsible in case of an accident. This may hold the policyholder personally responsible for the liabilities. The driver’s insurance coverage is also considered invalid if the excluded driver is allowed to get behind the wheel. All this is permitted under the California car insurance law.

Previous Auto Insurance Status Regulations

The state of California does not take lightly to auto insurance policy lapses. This means that motorists in California can no longer purchase auto insurance for a short period and then cancel it. The result is suspension of the vehicle’s registration. This big problem resulted in the 2006 law that saw the California DMV beginning to enforce the registration suspension.

It is therefore paramount that you understand the California car insurance laws if you are a resident or if you are planning to move to California. The information can be obtained from your local insurance agent or auto insurance provider. An easier way is to compare the rates of different companies online by entering your zip code at the slot provided on this page.

Considering Insurance Laws When Moving To California

The notion of moving to a lively state like California can get quite exciting and may make you forget about some of the most basic responsibilities that come with it. Among the listed priorities, you may have written down of things to do when you get to California, getting yourself car insurance or cheap California insurance should be at the top of it.

In addition to having a nice sunny beach, places like Long Beach, CA are extremely populous and hence a proportional number of motorists and vehicles can be expected. It is therefore in your best interest to protect yourself from the unpredictable expenses that may arise because of car accidents. In such a densely populated state, you can always expect that there be in place, a substantial number of laws and regulations that keep it functioning smoothly. You will need to get a hold of and understand these laws if you are to have a smooth stay.

A good place to start is right in the comfort of your chair by visiting the California Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV website. From this website, you will be able to know the current regulations and laws that guide you as a motorist. There is also information regarding the various car insurance coverage options available and other statistics too. The California DMV website is a useful resource because it also has links and information that relates to all the other requirements and information you need to have in your relocation to California.

In most states, including the one you live in now, require that all motorists registered, have a minimum amount of liability insurance. This type of insurance will not pay the policyholder but only the non-policyholder and pay for damage to property caused by the policyholder in a car accident. In other words, if the policyholder is injured during an accident the minimum liability insurance will not cover him or her but instead it will cover the other party involved in the accident. It is not a fair deal, one may say, but it can be extremely expensive to pay for the injury or property damage out of your own pocket.

California car insurance companies are required by law to have adhered to the regulations set for them by the state to get approval to operate in the state. They are required by law to give detailed reports on any cancellation of policies by their clients to the California DMV and alterations. This helps the DMV track down vehicle owners who have no auto insurance. In such a case, the vehicle owner is supposed to give notification to the DMV and proof of another policy they may have taken with another insurance company or any proof of financial responsibility.


Many options are available when you plan to move to California and the resources are abundant.  Providing your zip code on this page may give you some vital information about California car insurance that will help you in making a viable choice.

Car Insurance Options In CA

A law was passed back in 2006 in the state of California aimed at removing and eliminating all vehicles form, the road networks in the state. In effect, it meant that for a vehicle owner to get his or her car on the roads in California, they have to bear liability insurance. This information can be easily provided to you by the company or agent that provides your car insurance in CA. The liability insurance can be $5,000 for any property damage because of the car accident, $15,000 for physical injury to an individual and $30,000 for two or more persons.

California car insurance laws also allow a vehicle owner to self-insure. This can be particularly convenient and beneficial to individuals who run businesses and own a number of vehicles. It can prove quite the money saver especially for such business or large companies that have a knowledgeable staff in matters concerning auto insurance.

One may also go down to the California DMV and deposit with them an amount of $30,000, instead of buying auto insurance. This will in turn cover any damages or expenses that may arise in the event of a car accident. In short, the motorist must have some way of bearing the liability in case an accident occurs and he or she is at fault. The advantage is that the money is just deposited and can be refunded by the California DMV once proof that one has acquired car insurance in CA is availed.

There are also many other types of insurance that can be acquired from the California car insurance companies or providers, but the above mentioned ones are the mandatory ones required by the state law. Some of them are comprehensive insurance coverage, liability insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, and uninsured motorist.

California insurance law also expects that you be able to provide proof that you have auto insurance coverage at any time and enforcers of the law may ask for the proof randomly. Lack or failure to provide it will result in the stipulated penalties that may include a fine or impounding of your vehicle. You may also end up with a suspended driving license that requires that you pay a certain fee for reinstatement. On the other hand, one may also get a non-compliance ticket resulting in suspension of their license. This can be solved by appearing before a court of law and submitting the proof of auto insurance.

For those who may find these options a bit expensive, then there is an answer. California cheap car insurance is offered by the state and is especially formulated for individuals who have low incomes. To be able to get into this group you have to qualify and the requirement is purely based on your income bracket.


The law about car insurance in California is aimed at the residents of the state safe by making it mandatory to have auto insurance for vehicle owners. Finding a good policy that fits your needs is not hard. You can start here by keying in your zip code.