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California Auto Insurance Laws that Must Be Observed

CaliforniaDiscountAutoInsuranceThere are certain rules and regulations of auto insurance in every state. These rules and regulations vary for every state and it is very important to keep them in mind. In California you need to provide evidence of your auto insurance when you own a car. The California DMV is the department of motor and vehicles in the U.S. state of California responsible for registration of motor vehicles and boats and for issuing the driving license. California follows “at fault” auto insurance system. According to this system If you have suffered in an accident you may turn to the person who is at fault in the accident instead of your car insurance company to pay the damage and medical bills. Under this fault auto insurance system you can claim one of the following actions if you have suffered in an accident:

  • Claim under your own auto insurance company
  • Claim through the”at fault’s” auto insurance company
  • Claim a personal injury lawsuit against the “at fault” driver

Here is an elementary guide to the California auto insurance laws:

Minimal coverage required:

This liability is required to compensate others for property damage or injuries in case an accident takes place. All the ones who drive through California must secure themselves with this much minimal amount listed below.

  • Fifteen thousand USD – In case one individual is badly injured or even likely to die.
  • Thirty Thousand USD – In case of death or injury to more than one person.
  • Five thousand USD – In case of damage to property.

You can carry more coverage if you are at fault of an accident. Your auto insurance company will only pay up to the maximum of your policy. Once your total damage exceeds that amount, you will have to pay all the dues by yourself.

Responsibility of finances:

Under the laws of California it is not important to buy a qualifying insurance policy. You can choose from the following methods to be complied the California financial responsibility requirements:

  • Deposit an amount of 35,000 USD to motor vehicles department of California
  • Get certified with a self insurance through DMV for double a dozen vehicles.
  • Get a 35,000 USD surety bond from a legitimate licensed company in California

Requirements for Auto Insurance (Rental) in state of California-:

In California it is important to show a proof of auto insurance whether you own or rent a car. It is usually less expensive to obtain coverage for car rentals from insurance provider of the driver rather than getting it from a rental company. However it is must to carry the insurance all the time.

Driving Laws For Teens in California

California permits your kid to have their driving license at the age of 15 ½. They will get a virtual permission for a period of half a year before the license is issued. They need to provide some information and a driving test to California’s department of motor and vehicles in order to get the driving license in California.

Thus, in this part of the world, to be secure on the move, auto insurance is a necessity for every individual and it is more important to comply with California auto insurance laws, as these laws which are expected to abide by.ission for a period of half a year before the license is issued. They need to provide some information and a driving test to California’s department of motor and vehicles in order to get the driving license in California.

The Difference between DUI and DWI in California

One of California auto insurance requirements is to avoid violation of traffic laws. DWI and DUI are must know terms if you are drive a vehicle in the United States of America. Whereas DUI signifies Driving under the Influence (mainly of Alcohol); DWI means Driving While Intoxicated. Whereas DUI is usually considered to be of a lesser offence than DWI, both have certain strict laws according to California DMV related to them. Different States have different laws related to both these factors. Whereas some states look at the level of the intoxicant in the blood level of the driver, some states look for the level of remorse in the person. Some states even do not differentiate between both these terms.

The California Auto Insurance Laws has some strict rules as far as DWI and DUI are concerned. There are usually two types of DUI in this state. The first one is based on the level of intoxication in the blood of the person. The second one relies on the sort of observation made by the authorities. However, the punishment for both these offences is one and same. In case a person if charged with either of these offences, you must know the laws related to these and the charges that can be levied upon you.

The two types of DUI laws are meant for the safety of others on the road. Hence they aim to keep any person who might be a risk to others, off the road. The first type of charge can be levied upon a person, if his/her driving skills have been affected by the use of drugs, alcohol or any other substance. The other type of charge can be levied upon a person if his/her blood alcohol level is more than 0.08 %. These laws have been framed keeping in mind both the safety of the driver as well as others on the road. It aims to keep the safety of citizens among their top priorities.

If a cop is suspicious that you are under the effect of alcohol, he might simply pull your car up and ask you to give a test. The tests are aimed at checking how sober the driver is. It might include anything including walking in a straight line, to following moving objects with your eyes. He might even ask you to balance on one foot. For the other charge, the officer must test the level of alcohol in the blood of the driver. So he/she often asks the driver to blow into instruments known as breathalyzer. These instruments can test the blood alcohol level once you breathe into this device. If the alcohol level is 0.08 or above you will surely be charged.

So you must know what the legal details of such charges are. This website provides you with an easy option of entering your zip code of your respective places and you can get the actual legal updates on these laws. You can also get the contacts of respective lawyers who specialise in this field and can provide you with suitable guidance regarding what is to be done. Beware now since it also affects your chance of having California cheap car insurance.

How Can DUI And DWI Laws In California Affect You?

Drinking and driving is not allowed in the United States of America. Not only it affects your California cheap car insurance rate, states have separate laws to deal with such arrests. While some states discriminate between DWI and DUI, some do not. DUI stands for Driving under the Influence (mainly of Alcohol) whereas DWI is Driving While Intoxicated. Both these charges can be levied upon a person if he is arrested under such conditions. As a driver, you must be aware of the differences between DWI and DUI according to California DWV law. Know the legal procedures and what the conditions under which you can be arrested are. Also get help from respective lawyers who specialist in this matter.

DWI and DUI laws are strict in California. Both laws can have strict punishments. The penalties get harsher if the offense takes place repeatedly. For the first offense, you can be jailed from 4 to 6 days. A fine of $1400 to $2600 can be levied upon you. Your license can be suspended from 30 days to 10 months as well. The offense if it happens for the second time invites a slightly harsher punishment. Firstly, the offender can be jailed from 10 days to 1 year. He might also have to pay a fine between $1800 and $2800. The license of the person can also be suspended for 2 years. However, this term can be reduced to 1 year in some cases. The third punishment invites even stricter penalties. The imprisonment can be anywhere between 120 days and 1 year. The fines and penalties can range from $1800 to $18000. The license would also be suspended for a period of 3 years. Thus, you need to be aware of these strict California Auto Insurance Laws before you drive around the state.

There are also two methods in which you can be booked because of this offense. Firstly, you can be interrogated by the officer if he/she finds your driving not normal. In this case, he might pull you over and ask you to undergo some simple tests to know how sober a person is. These tests can be of a number of types. He/she might simply ask you to walk in a straight line. He can ask you to speak for sometime, or ask you to follow some commonplace instructions. On the other hand, the other type of arrest can be made by checking the level of alcohol or any other drug in your blood. You would be asked to blow into an instrument and it would detect traces of alcohol in your breath. The allowable amount of alcohol in your blood is 0.01% if you are less than 21 years of age. Above this age, the allowable limit is 0.08%.

Once you are booked, you should get touch with suitable legal experts who can help you. This site helps you in this matter. You can enter your zip code and you would be given a list of legal experts close to your area. It is a great service which you can use in such cases to get help. You can alos use this method to get the best California auto insurance quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting California Low Cost Auto Insurance

What is CLCA?

California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance was started in 1999 in order to help and support those who don’t have enough income to pay for the regular insurance programs. But this also requires the person to clear certain criteria and have a nice driving history.

 Am I eligible to get this auto insurance in California?

In order to be eligible for the CLCA, you must have a good driving record. Apart from that you need to have a vehicle of value amounting to less than twenty thousand dollars, that too without any loans. You must be at least 19 years of age and have been continuously licensed to drive a vehicle in California for the last three years. The last requirement is that of income which has a maximum value and depends on the size of your family as under:

Maximum of income

No of members: 1 – $27,925

2 – $37,825

3 – $47,725

4 – $57,625

6 – $67,525

7 -$77,425

8 – $87,325

9 – $97,225

I just found out that I’m eligible. What do I need to apply?

You just need your driving license, current vehicle registration, the initial fee required and finally a proof of your income. The last document can be one of several options including a copy of your income tax return, an employer verification card, a social security letter, a payroll stub, a 1099 form, a bank statement, a pension letter etc.

Can I have multiple CLCA policies?

You can have at most two policies, one for each of the two vehicles you own. Each policy applies to the primary driver and eligible secondary drivers. There is a restriction though. Multiple policies are not allowed if any of the households have non-CLCA insurance for their vehicle.

What is the basic liability coverage given by the CLCA?

In case an accident is caused by you, liability is used to cover the damage that you did to the other person in the form of bodily injuries or damage to property.

Under the CLCA, you’ll get an coverage of up to ten thousand dollars in case of injury of one person; twenty thousand dollars in case of injury to more than one person, and up to three thousand dollars for damage caused by you to his property.

Does CLCA provide any other coverage options?

Yes, two other coverage options are provided under CLCA, these are: Uninsured Motorist- Bodily Injury and Medical payments.

What is the coverage under Uninsured Motorist – Bodily Injury?

The basic liability only covers the damage and injuries you cost to the other person. In the same way, that person’s insurance covers for the damage to your body and property. But in the worst case, that person will be uninsured. Though that person will suffer huge legal penalties and fines, you’ll have nothing to pay for your injuries and property damage. In that case what you need is to get this coverage. This will cover the expenses for you and your passenger’s injury for up to ten thousand dollars and up to twenty thousand dollars for a single accident. This option has a very wide coverage. An accident which has the insured car involved, if you were travelling in someone else’s car, and even if you were travelling on foot on the road and a vehicle hits you.

What about the Medical payments option?

This option provides one thousand dollars for each person’s injury.

What options are available for payment?

You can always pay the full annual premium, but if you are not willing to pay that there are a few alternatives available. First one is by paying one hundred twenty five dollars with the remaining to be paid within a month. Second option is to pay one hundred dollars and pay the rest in six instalments every alternate month. You can also pay one hundred twenty five dollars and pay the rest in five instalments every alternate month. Finally, you can pay fifteen percent and pay the balance in 6 instalments alternate months.

What if I’m having a Loan? Can I still get the CLCA insurance?

This is mostly not possible. But you can still check with the officials to decide if it is possible.

Am I allowed to miss any payment?

If you’re planning to become insured under the CLCA, you should make sure that you’re not going to miss any of the instalments or renewals. Failing to make the payments on time can cause you much in the form of your policy being cancelled and you’ll have to go through the whole process again. So the best choice is to pay the whole sum upfront in the form of a full annual premium. In that case you’ll have fewer deadlines to chase or forget.

What are the options regarding the payment method?

The traditional method of paying in the form of a check or money order works fine but if you’re a modern man, you can easily pay through your debit or credit card that too online, or over a phone call. The best option however is to leave all this to the bank’s automatic system, in which case you’ll never ever miss an instalment or have to remember the dates. So, just ponder and choose the method that suits you the most.

What about the damage or theft to my vehicle? Will that be covered under CLCA?

No, right now, there is no provision of such coverage under this program. However you can always talk to your agent to help you obtain such a protection.

Are there any penalties for not having auto insurance in California?

If you’re caught driving without insurance, you can face the following consequences:

–          Your car’s registration may be suspended

–          Your vehicle may be impounded

–          You can be heavily fined

California’s Low Cost Insurance is a great option for you to get the financial responsibility of your vehicle required by law without paying heavy sums.

Though the California Auto Insurance Laws makes no discrimination for teenagers, it is highly advised to have higher policy coverage than a higher one since risk of accidents is much higher in the starting years of driving.


Find out how you can get California cheap car insurance. Just enter your ZIP in the box above get all the policy quotes available for you.

A Guide to Be Secured While Driving in California

There are various factors on which the price of insurance is designed. It really depends on the category of the vehicle, the type of the vehicle and also the amount of time an individual is likely to spend on the road. The prices of the car insurance are much higher for a new car than an old one. If an individual has an older car and if he does not travel much rather than living his usual daily activities like attending school then a basic insurance policy would be all that he needs in order to protect himself. In cases of using a new vehicle, take a sports car as an example. The individual is liable to drive it more and might lose his way out. In this case he has to choose an insurance product with a greater coverage level.

So, when you move through the state of California the question arises. Are you secured while driving? Unlike in other parts of the world, driving without car insurance is an offense one has to pay dearly for in California. License is not the only requirement to drive in the state, its compulsory that you have your vehicle insured with any legitimate licensed insurance company. And even if one doesn’t drive their vehicles, he/she should possess auto insurance. The fiscal responsibility Law in California is another mandatory rule which states that the vehicle’s owner is to be held responsible fiscally for their deeds. Relating to this section there are certain minimal limits termed as “Liability Insurance” one should take care about, ranging from 5000 to 30000 American dollars for property damage to death of the victims. If you are driving without an insurance policy in a state like California, you are calling trouble upon yourself and you have to face various atrocities such as:

Penalty :  If by any chance you are busted by the cop for breaking the traffic rules and you are not able to bring forth your insurance papers, a record will be issued against your name irrespective of you carrying a license or not. The magnitude of the fine depends on how the situation copes up. 200 to 500 USD is a minimum amount one has to pay for breaking the law. Plus your vehicle’s registration number gets a bad name to itself which will haunt you while buying auto insurance in future.

Suspension of License:  If you think you are penalized once by a chance and you won’t be penalized again, you are completely wrong. First time they might let you off with a fine but if you are spotted again without the policy papers, there is a chance you will lose your registered license. The suspension of the license can amount to a period of 6 to 12 months and one has to file an SR-22 form through Department of Motor Vehicles to retrieve it back. During this period, the registration of the vehicle may be hanged up or cancelled as well depending on the past records of the vehicle’s owner.

After Effects: Charged with a fine, license suspended and still driving. This could turn out to be disastrous for you personally and financially. Here, money won’t be the solution. One has to face criminal charges for breaking rules and regulations again and may be put behind bars with the relevant charges. The term of imprisonment relies under the circumstances in which one is caught, whether it was an accident or a minor crime. The “at fault” driver may be penalized with a substantive fine or arrested for a period of 1 month to a year for not carrying or possessing auto insurance in California.

If you want to drive your wheels safely through California and get yourself secured on the move, you should keep in mind the following points and abide by them:

Fault Insurance Law: Very few states like California have amended this law which is basically a financial penalty for the damage inflicted upon the victim and their property. If a particular individual is proved guilty of an accident then he/she has to take care of all the medical expenses involved during the victim’s treatment. The victim may also take lawful actions against the accused driver and may drag him to court.

Insurance Proof: In regards to California Auto Insurance Laws, it is mandatory for a citizen to show up the concerned authorities that their vehicle is insured. The law also opens up an option for the driver to have a self insurance and for that he/she has to produce necessary documents issued by the California DMV.

Have coverage of minimum liability Insurance: The coverage is subcategorized in two parts, one is for the damage to the vehicle and the second is the physical damage to the owner of the vehicle. The minimal coverage amount for damage of the vehicle is around 5000 USD and that for the owner is around 15000 USD which gets multiplied with the number of people injured in a single event.

Guarantee yourselves in a world without any Guarantee: What might happen or when that might happen, nobody knows. But for our downfall, we are the only one responsible when we ignore something as important as getting an insurance for a stress-free life. Get the best quotes of auto insurance in California from our website and work out which one suits your budget and needs. But don’t decide the whole thing on money. Many people are known to pick up the minimum to suit themselves but that may not be enough to shield you if you are caught up in a serious accident or you are the reason for it to happen. In both the cases it’s your loss which no one can do anything about if you haven’t insured yourself and your vehicle with a proper policy.

Henceforth, if you are still to get auto insurance for your beloved vehicles do not delay anymore. It’s high time you should get one and drive freely on the streets of California with the guarantee of your safety and of those on the road with you. One good thing, this website can get best of the deals. Just enter the zip code, fill in the basic information and grab the best in the market. It’s quick and effortless. Use our insurance matching service to provide you only the best.