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California Car Insurance Ideal for Teen Drivers

Auto insurance laws in California have strict but easy-to-follow guidelines to ensure the safety of your family along with your car. It is most important to be acquainted with the laws of car insurance in California. These laws require you to carry proof of car insurance all the times, even if you are driving someone else’s car. Although it may seem to be quite simple, it is not applicable for all ages. Teenagers have to abide by slightly more strict rules in order to save you from paying huge fines and damage charges due to an accident. It had been estimated that more 5000 teens die in a year in car accidents for being a careless driver. California accounts for roughly 400 of these unfortunate victims. In answer to this, California established the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program in 1997. With these guidelines, California has achieved what it was hoping for. These laws promise a safe journey for your teens and also take severe steps against those who are unwilling to follow them. Under these laws, the teens between 15+ and 17 + have to:

1) Apply for and always carry a provisional learner’s permit for 6 months

2) Finish a professional driver training class for 6hours

3) Finish an authorized driver education class

4) Carry out a 50 driving hours of practice with a guardian or a person who is 25 years or above.

5) Then apply for a provisional driver’s license. Now that the teen has completed all the above tasks, he/she will have an interim license. This can be used for 60 days at the most.

Within these 60 days, if the teen has received a provisional license in the mail, then it means that the teen’s application for the license has been approved as he has passed all the tests. If you want to apply for a permit or license then you should meet all these requirements: A written consent by a guardian if you are under 18 years of age. Evidence of social security card or number, Photo identity card, Birth certificate, Legal residence proof. Application fee of $28 in the form of cash, card, check or money order. Now, if you get hold of the license, you have to undergo some restrictions for the first year where you are not allowed to:

Drive after 11 p.m. and before 5 a.m. Let passengers below the age of 20 to accompany you. However, if you must do either of the above things, you must have a parent or a guardian above 25 present with you in the car.

The California department of motor vehicles also states that in the time of emergency, you should carry a note with you-medical, employment necessity or school authorized activity. It also does not permitted to text or calls anyone while you are driving. If caught doing it, then the first fine will cost you $20. However, the second and third one will be a fine of $50. These records will be updated permanently in your California DMV record. Also, if your blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) is higher than 0.02% and you are caught then you it will convict a California teen of DUI. Your license will be suspended for 1 year and if you do not have a license then it will delay the process of getting one by 1 year. Along with it, you also have to complete a course of DUI.

The minimum insurance liability coverage of car insurance in California remains the same for teenagers as adults: $15000 for death or causing injury to a person, $30000 for all the people affected in an accident; $5000 for causing property damage. If you are sporting a good record then you can also get discounts from insurance companies and your premiums will also be higher. Higher premiums can also be yours if you do not buy your teen a sports or luxury car.


If you have gone through this whole article, then what are you waiting for? Choose the right insurance for your teen now by just entering your ZIP code and obtain the ideal California car insurance that abides by car insurance laws of California.