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What To Do If An Accident Occur And You Do Not Have Car Insurance

Many questions arise in the mind of a person that is not insured, is planning to be themselves insured, can’t seem to arrange cash for their auto insurance premiums, or are planning to eliminate their insurance. This is the case with all types of insurance, whether they are health insurances, home insurance, and field or pasture insurances or car insurances. A person then searches for the answer to their questions.

The many questions that they have on the back of their minds are questions like what if they cannot pay their premiums, what if they do not claim their insurance in time, what if they make an insurance claim with insufficient information or what if they cause an accident and they do not have insurance by their side? They look for answers to all of their queries and do not quit until they find each one of them. Well, first, car insurance in CA is important for every single person that owns a car. That is because they need something that will give them hope in case there is an accident. Many people need different car insurance policies and most people need more than one because they need to cover many things. Most states have set out the law that a driver will not be allowed to drive unless they have a specific type of insurance with them. That insurance is liability insurance.

However, if a person violates the law and sets out on the road without an insurance policy to cover their car, they are in big trouble. In addition, they cannot even imagine the trouble they will be in if they drive a car without car insurance and they cause an accident. Here is what will happen if they violate the law and do that.

Lawsuits, lawsuits everywhere – When a person decides to go on the road without car insurance in CA, they should keep in mind that they could be caught. This means that they can be caught driving without an insurance, they will have lawsuits filed against them from the people that they injure when they cause an accident.

Law violation charges – Lawsuits will be filed against the person by the people that are involved in the accident. What the police will do is that they will charge the person with law violation. The person violates the law and they will indeed have law violation charges filed against them for which they will be penalized.

Liabilities – The person will have liabilities when they will cause the accident. The liabilities they will have will be for the damage that they cause in the accident. The person will obviously have to pay off all of those liabilities by themselves. That is because they will not have any insurance to support them and to cover the liabilities. That is all right if the accident is minor and the liabilities that the person has are not too much. Nevertheless, if the liabilities were too much, the person would definitely wish that they had insurance by their side.

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