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Things That Can Raise Your Insurance Rates And Premium

There are many things that can raise insurance costs and leave the insured with extremely high insurance premiums. This includes ‘the insurance inflators’. Some of these are inevitable and common to happen especially to those who are not precautious enough. All these things leave a person is a slip for an insurance premiums that is higher than usual and needs to be paid in an amount of time that is too less. This is the point where a person wants to hit the reset button and start all over. Here are 4 things that can raise the costs and premiums for car insurance in CA in a jiffy.

1.            The insured become old- There is a certain age that, when crossed by the insured creates problems. One situation is when a person crosses the age of 50, the insurance company starts cranking up their insurance premiums. This is not something they can live with and that is really harsh on them. Only a few insurance companies put this into practice. Becoming old can really affect your car insurance in CA.

2.            You increase miles- If the insured starts driving more miles and increases the total distance that they drive annually, the CA car insurance premiums they pay will become extremely high. The more miles a person drives, the more likely they are to get into an accident and to cause or inflict damage. That is never good for an insurance company. This is the reason why the insurance company starts spiking the insurance premiums up when the insured decides to spike up those miles.

3.            A friend or a relative wrecks the car- Many people consider lending a car to another person a generous act. Well, this generous act can cause a lot of trouble. In the event that the person you lend the car to causes an accident and causes damage to the surroundings or the car, you will have to pay in the form of higher insurance costs. When your car is wrecked and an accident is caused by your car, the insurance company will only find it as an average issue unless when you lent the car to someone and during the mishap. This proves to your insurance provider how irresponsible you are and they will make you pay with increased insurance premiums.

4.            You are single- This might come as a shock to many people. The people that are single are more likely to have increased car insurance costs and insurance premiums for their car insurance in CA than to those who are married. No one knows the correct theory behind this but this is a fact and even though it is extremely unusual, it is common.


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California’s Statutes Of Limitations on Auto Accident Claims

A vehicle accident is a very unfortunate experience for anyone to go through and will often leave the parties involved, especially the victim, with physical injury, emotional scars, and financial strain. Such kind of injuries may stay with the victim for a long time. It is good to understand that there is a two-year statute of limitation applicable should a lawsuit prove inevitable and necessary. Most auto insurance in California cases are settled away from the judge, but one should be able to know his or her options in case that option is no longer viable.

To understand the purpose of such a statue of limitation in relation to California car insurance laws, you should understand what it entails. A statue of limitation is a particular window of time stipulated in the insurance law of the particular state, in this case California, within which you can make a claim or initiate lawsuit proceedings. In a civil case this is the time it takes for the complainant or plaintiff to file the lawsuit while in a criminal case, it the time the prosecution, usually the state, takes to charge the defendant with the offence. In California, failure to do so within the specified period bars the prosecution or plaintiff from ever doing so in the future.

The different states have the prerogative to determine their own respective statutes of limitation. This applies to criminal and civil settings. In California in particular, an auto accident claim or an auto accident lawsuit falls under the scope of personal injury torts. This means that if someone is injured in an accident in California either due to another party’s negligence or due to a wrongful act on their part, the complainant has a minimum period of up to 2 years to file a civil claim or criminal proceedings.

The California car insurance procedure in case someone has suffered injury resulting from a vehicle accident is clear. He or she will have the option to negotiate an out of courtroom in place of taking the matter before a judge. These negotiations will involve the complainant and the defendant and will include the California insurance in California representing the policyholder. These proceedings may also include a mediator or a third party to help resolve the dispute. However, all these efforts may fail and he or she may resolve to take it to court and file a lawsuit. Here the law is clear that he or she must file the lawsuit within two years in the state of California and although it may take a while to get the claim, it would be futile if the California statute of limitations concerning car accidents had not been adhered to.

Victims of car accidents in California should have such valuable information and procedure at their fingertips. A competent car insurance company in California should equip their client with such information. To find key auto insurance in California, enter your zip at the slot above the page and get comparing.