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Types of California Car Insurance

With hot sunny beaches and Hollywood and other famous sites to see, California is without a doubt one of the hot spots in the world. But with these beautiful things to see and tourists of all kinds having a good time every day, the roads are becoming a threat to their own destination. The number of careless drivers is increasing at an alarming rate and auto insurance in California is becoming a part of the California lifestyle. You will run out of fingers trying to count the number of California car insurance companies in the state as they are located in every corner. Although the California state law requires a minimum bodily injury liability of $15,000 per person injured, $30,000 per accident and property damage of a minimum of $5,000 or 15/30/5 in short.

The California law also requires everybody driving to purchase insurance for each passenger car on the road. Before registering any vehicle with the California Department of Motor Vehicles or DVM, proof of insurance is needed and those without the above 15/30/5 pay a fine and their licenses may be suspended. The first type of car insurance in California is the liability car insurance that covers the property damages and bodily injury of the other parties in case of an accident. It is therefore the most inexpensive form of coverage and the fact that it does not include the damages or injuries of the person at fault. It is the basic form of insurance required by the state of California. Bodily injuries and property damages can be covered together in the ‘Combined Single Limit’ policy or covering them separately in the ‘Split Limit’ policy.

The other type of California car insurance involved is the collision car insurance that protects individuals in any type of collision that may occur like striking an animal, pole, tree or other vehicles. Even though this type is not a must in the state of California, it may be required by banks and other financial institutions if the car has been purchased or leased. The collision car insurance in California will cover for the damages to the vehicle during an accident that is the drivers fault. The car will be repaired up to the value amount of the car after the deductible has been paid.

The other form of car insurance is the comprehensive car insurance which helps pay for the vehicle damages caused by natural disasters, fire or vandalism. This type of insurance will be very useful as it saves the money that would have been used by the driver to pay for damages that the driver has no control off. However, if you do not want to go through all these formalities you can apply the full coverage insurance which combines the liability, collision and comprehensive policies all in one. This policy offers insurance of the vehicle owner, third parties and property in any form of accident that might occur. Auto insurance in California is therefore an expensive but a very worthy cause.

Tips on Getting Efficient California Car Insurance

California law requires every driver in California to maintain some basic norms of financial responsibility.  However, it is true that some drivers are not insured due to the fact that their standard insurance premium is very high compared to their financial reach. This is why you should get the best solution that will go a long way to protect you, your colleagues, your family, your friends, and other drivers that are on the road. California car insurance requirements are; $15000 for death/injury to only one person, $30,000 for death/injury if it is more than one person, and $5000 if there is a case of damage to property.

A vehicle insurance policy is required in all the vehicles parked or operated on California roads. You must go with your insurance paper wherever you are going because they might be requested by a law enforcement agent.  Also you must go with it if you want to renew your car registration or if your car is involved in a traffic jam. The emphasis here is that you must carry your insurance papers at all times. While registering your car, you will be asked to present your identification card from the car insurance company. Getting a California car insurance is a must.

It is mandatory that you have collision coverage if you are a California resident. This will cover for the accidents caused by either your actions or a rollover. The insurance will help you to repair all the damages to your car when there is vandalism, fire, severe weather conditions or theft. Vehicle drivers in California are expected to add uninsured injury coverage in their vehicle insurance policy. This is not a legal requirement in California, but the advantage is that it gives financial peace of mind especially if you are involved in an auto crash where the other party is either underinsured or uninsured. More than 25% of drivers fall within this category in some states.

The best way to get the better or California cheap car insurance is by comparing the insurance quotes that are online. This is the easiest way to get it. There is the possibility of enjoying some discounts when you do this. Your car insurance quotes are affected by a wide range of factors such as: your zip code, your area of domicile greatly influences the vehicle insurance quote you get; and your age, auto insurance quotes will take into consideration your age when they are giving you a vehicle insurance quote.

Younger drivers are more likely to get a claim more than those that are above thirty years. The number of years you have driven since some auto insurance firms is of the opinion that the number of years you have driven the car, the more experienced you become. Another one is the marital status where married couples are perceived as better drivers than singles. This will no doubt reflect on your vehicle insurance quote and so on. Finally, it is good to have California car insurance.

Smart Savings on Car Insurance in California

Most drivers in California know that car insurance does not come cheap. What they may not know is the fact that something can be done about it. California State laws require every registered motor vehicle to be insured whether on the road or not. Yet some drivers have been known to risk getting their cars on the road without insurance. It is not only illegal but also dangerous. But getting insurance for your car is important. It will save you financial worries in the event of an accident. Today, many California car insurance companies can give you good and affordable service.

So how do you get yourself this good and affordable service? Getting cheap car insurance in California may actually be easier than most people think. It all depends on you. There are things you could do to enable you make significant savings.

First of all, think about the insurance options available to you well before you get your new or used car. This is important because the car you get will eventually factor in determining your premium rates. You could ask from friends and relatives, make calls to auto insurance companies or run online searches to get quotes for free. Compare the different rates per company on specific car makes and models of interest to you. You will notice that some car insurance companies in California offer good quality services at lower rates than others.  You will also notice that the make of your car, shop price, susceptibility to theft, safety performance and cost of repairs are among the things that determine how much you are charged. This means that it will cost you less to insure an average regular sedan as compared to a flashy sports car!

While looking for cheap car insurance in California, please remember that insurance companies value loyalty. If you have more than one car, you can get yourself some great discounts if you use the same policy for all your cars. Be sure to ask about such discounts.

In California, cheap car insurance comes in many different forms. Maintaining a clean driving record, for example, is one of them. While this helps to make the roads safe, it also reduces your premiums significantly as well. While at the opposite end, a first accident on your driving record could push your monthly premiums up by as much as 40%!

Consider buying annual policies instead of monthly. This is another great way to make savings since the rate will generally be lower. Another good thing about this arrangement is that your rates cannot be adjusted during the period of the policy.

Good credit rating is another way that could earn you cheap car insurance in California. To most car insurance companies in California, a good credit rating will inspire confidence and result in discounted rates.

As you will find out, California cheap car insurance is not impossible. Just look, compare and ask questions. You will only get it as cheap as you want it.

An Overview into the California Auto Insurance Laws

The laws for auto insurance in California are contained in the California Insurance Code. These are the laws in California concerning insurance matters that have been coded. Enforcement of the laws is overseen by the California Department of Insurance while executing its policies too. Laws may differ from state to state and so understanding the laws that apply to you especially if you are in California is paramount. There are regulations and rules that apply to most states generally but some apply to the state of California specifically.

It is mandatory for all motorists in California to have liability insurance in case an accident was to occur. This essentially covers the compensation (in monetary terms) of the other parties involved in the accident and as a result, got injured or their property destroyed. Auto insurance in California is guided by laws that require all vehicles, parked or operating on any road, have car insurance. Proof of monetary responsibility may also suffice. It must be on file that one can be able to pay for damages in case of an accident. This applies even to vehicle owners who do not drive their cars. They must have some sort of minimum liability insurance or a method of paying for damages approved by the state of California.

There are three methods that the California Department of Motor Vehicles accepts such financial responsibility. The first is a surety bond of $35,000 from a company licensed in California and can be found easily by searching at the Department of Insurance. The second is a cash deposit of the same amount given and possessed by the California DMV and lastly a self-insurance certificate from the California DMV.

If a vehicle owner takes up a liability insurance policy in California, then the minimum requirement for the insurance that can cover the cost of damages to property is $5,000 while injury or death to an individual requires a minimum of $15,000 and $30,000 for more than one person injured or killed in an auto accident.

The California car insurance law is also clear on policyholders that cancel their policy and do not register with the department of motor vehicle within a period of 45 days. In such a case, the law states that the vehicle’s registration will be suspended. This is also the case when the vehicle is sold to another owner,and the new owner does not submit the car insurance information to the California DMV within 30 days since the vehicle got the new owner.

Failure to comply with these auto insurance laws in California can lead to penalties that range from a $200 ticket for first offenders, rising all the way to $1,000 for repeat offenders. To make matters worse you may have to pay for the damages personally and even have your car taken away from you.

Always stay insured and find the best and cheapest auto insurance coverage in California by entering your zip at the start of the page and compare California insurance companies and the offers they have.

Why Go for California Car Insurance with Accident Forgiveness?

The question of Accident Forgiveness as an insurance entity has been on the minds of many for a long time. Many wonder about the cost, the manner of getting one, and the offers that come with it. It may come out as a bit confusing but once you understand the importance of Accident Forgiveness you may want to have it as included in your California Car Insurance.

Accident forgiveness is usually awarded in special circumstances and is not given to just anyone. Normally your California Car Insurance rates will increase in the event of an accident. If the accident was your fault, the rates may even go up by 40 percent. An accident can happen to anyone whether careful or not. Certain accident conditions may evoke some empathy from the firm. This means that they may not increase your insurance premium resulting with an Accident Forgiveness scenario. Your driving record may be called upon in such a case. If you have a long driving record with one accident only, you may be considered in Accident Forgiveness.


Accident Forgiveness heavily depends on ones driving record. In the event of a minor accident or traffic offense one may have to go back to driving or traffic school instead of receiving a traffic ticket.  In such an event the, it will help in lifting this burden and hopefully keep you in the road. This is very beneficial to persons who drive for a living.  The more one drives, the higher the chances are of an accident and the cost of premiums for your Car insurance. Therefore, if you drive mostly on weekends and commute to work, you are an excellent candidate for Accident Forgiveness.  Some insurance firms may offer features like deductible rewards, ticket forgiveness or safe driving bonuses at an additional cost without focusing on the individual’s driving history.

Accident Forgiveness in California falls within the below guidelines:

•             The insurance coverage has no waiting period meaning that it begins on the very day the coverage does.

•             High Risk Drivers qualify to be included in the Accident Forgiveness insurance cover.

•             It covers accidents that include property damage, especially when the insured party is at fault.

•             One must qualify for the different requirements depending on the insurance company to get Accident forgiveness.

Auto Insurance

There are numerous Insurance firms all over California and the US that offer these services. Due to the increased competition to get customers, some firms offer Accident Forgiveness as a standard part of their car Insurance policies in California. Some companies however offer it at an additional cost. To learn and know more on Accident Forgiveness insurance policies, enter your Zip on top of this page. It will be an eye opener for those who have car Insurance without this added advantage. All said and done, Accident Forgiveness is a concession reserved for drivers with a good driving record for at least five years.

For more information or to get car insurance quotes, get in touch with us by proving your ZIP code.