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How to Get Affordable Car Insurance in California for DWI Offenders

Driving in the streets of California follows strict laws with regard to California car insurance. In the strictest sense, you can’t use the road/streets without any financial responsibility document or merely the car liability insurance. The common perception that car insurance is expensive holds untrue today. There is affordable car insurance in California that you can sign up with and pay a low premium each month or depending on your preferred payment terms.

DWI/DUI drivers are aplenty in the Streets in California. In the study conducted in 2008, which was published 2011; 1.44 million drivers were arrested in relation to alcohol and drugs while driving. According to, there is an alcohol related driving accidents every 48 minutes. While you are on the street, no one is sure of 100% road safety. DWI/DUI drivers should not be out in the streets, but the reality is, they are there. The California laws on DWI/DUI are harsh. No one is exempted if convicted under these offenses.

The car insurance laws protect you from financial harm. If your car is accidentally hit, and you suffered a slight injury, there will be corresponding monetary equivalent to cover for your damage. The minimum liability insurance for one injured person is set at $15,000, for property damage at $5,000 and $30,000 for more than one injured or death. The car insurance shoulders the fee and not the vehicle owner.

Securing affordable car insurance is now made very convenient. Since most car insurance companies in California are promoting their premiums and other related services, they also present practical options to vehicle owners. The main reason why most car insurance companies are intensifying their marketing drive is that vehicle owners cannot use their cars if they do not have the car liability insurance. Driving without it simply means license suspension, registration revocation more fines, penalties, and citations.

Having to go through all the trouble is stress causing plus when you compute everything that you need to pays, it is far more than your monthly premium, no adding the negative record that is hard to delete. There is a lot of affordable California car insurance and requesting for a quote is very easy. You can enter your zip from this page, and you will be given different car insurance companies and from here, you can request for a premium quote and compare each of their offerings. You can also assess your current premium over the latest and see; how much savings can you make. Key-in your zip now to get the best deal.

Simple Tips on Saving Money on Car Insurance in California

In California, driving is almost inevitable. A lot of people in California do a lot of driving. Therefore investing in a good car is one of the most basic things to do. But this is not a big problem. The problem lies with getting the best insurance deal for the car. This is because cheap car insurance in California is hard to find especially if you fail to make some basic considerations upfront. But you need to take the initiative yourself in making these considerations before plunging into an insurance deal that may not necessarily be the best for you.

How can you save money on your car insurance? Sure there are ways that could help you save big time on your car insurance. Some of which unfortunately remain unknown to the average motorist.

Before you get your new or used car, it’s important to think about insurance. There are many car insurance companies in California offering their services at varied costs. Start by asking around from friends and relatives who already have insurance on their cars for ideas on securing car insurance in California cheaply. You could also get a good referral as well.

But this alone may not be enough for you to make the ultimate choice. You may want to do an expanded comparison on your own. Search and obtain quotes from as many of these car insurance companies as possible. You could call each of the companies or you could do the search online for free. There are a number of dedicated one-stop websites where you could request quotes on your car of choice from different providers. You can then decide on which companies are giving affordable rates for your desired needs.

Unknown to some vehicle owners, the make, age and specific model of the car you drive are factors which determine your auto insurance rates. Some cars considered “high risk” will generally attract higher premiums. Your regular sedan, for example, will cost you less to insure than a trendy sports car! Then again, it will be more costly for you to insure an ordinary model, but older in age and lacking in security systems such as airbags. If you are looking for cheap car insurance in California, consider getting a “low risk” car in a good shape.

Your neighbourhood also determines your insurance rates. If you live in a “risky” neighbourhood, then you will be charged higher for your auto insurance.

Maintaining a good credit record is another easy way of saving on car insurance costs. Car insurance companies view individuals with a poor credit rating as potentially risky and as such, they will want to share the risk of covering such individuals by charging a higher premium.

If you are a good driver, then you can significantly lower your insurance premiums. In California, careful driving will not only keep you safe but will result in cheap car insurance costs as well.

Finally, you may also want to consider raising your deductible as a way of lowering your premiums.

Affordable Car Insurance in California

California is one of the states where driving is almost inevitable. Although most cities in the state already have reliable public transport in place, many people still do a lot of driving. However, the law requires that you must have car insurance in California before you get your car on the road. This is meant to protect the occupants and other road users in the event of an accident.

Getting cheap car insurance in California has proved one of the most challenging tasks for consumers in the state. This is especially so because with the cost of living going through the roof, so is the cost of most consumer services, including car insurance.

The fact is, for most drivers in California, car insurance can be a very expensive affair. This is the reason why some drivers will risk getting their cars on the road without insurance, which is not only dangerous to themselves and other road users, but unlawful as well.

However, this need not be the case. This must not be understood to mean that cheap car insurance in California is nonexistent. A number of things can be checked in order to get the best deals. The best place to start would be to shop around and compare rates from the many different providers, then decide on which one of them is offering cheaper rates that suit your needs. There are quite a number of licensed companies, which provide automobile insurance services in California. If you really want to get the most competitive rates in the market, then you may want to check out these companies to see what they have to offer. The point is, if you are looking to get cheap car insurance in California, get quotes from as many California car insurance companies as you possibly can and choose one that best suits your needs at the most pocket-friendly price. You can do this online.

A number of things you could do to ensure you benefit from the cheapest car insurance rates available in California. Maintaining a clean driving record, for example, will cut down your insurance premiums and hence allow you to make savings on your car insurance. The type of car you drive is another thing you may want to consider. There are cars that are considered“high risk” by insurance companies. These are cars, which according to statistics available either to the companies; is stolen often or are having poor safety records. These will definitely attract higher premiums. You may therefore want to get yourself a “low risk” car, which will entitle you to cheaper premiums. Your provider of choice should be more than willing to discuss the options.

Overall, car insurance in California can still come cheap. Nevertheless, it will come at a small cost you: you will need to spend a little bit more of your time looking, asking questions, and comparing, and you will find it.

Understanding California Car Insurance for Low Income Program

In order to ensure that all California residents have minimum liability insurance in the event of a car accident, the state came up with the low cost auto insurance plan for all those who are deemed as low income earners under the insurance law. This has become a problem in California since it is one of the most densely populated states in the US. The minimum liability coverage required by law to all residents under the low cost auto insurance program is $3,000 for property damage for every accident, $10,000 for bodily harm to one individual for each accident and $20,000 for bodily harm per accident for multiple persons.

It may not be much considering the exorbitant cost of medical expenses and other expenses like car repair. It is however better than having no California car insurance coverage at all. If you have a low income, you can get cheap California car insurance for as low as $400 annually. This is very affordable to the majority of low income earners living in the state. However to qualify for the program there are a few requirements you need to fulfill. You must be 19 years old and above and must also have driving experience for three consecutive years. He or she must have maintained a good driving record. They must also prove that the car they intend to insure is worth less than $20,000.

After fulfilling the requirements, there are a few ways to go about paying for the low cost California car insurance. If the resources are available at the time, you can pay for the whole amount for the year upfront as a single payment. Pay a partial amount of $125 and the rest in the next 30 days and pay a partial amount of $100 with the rest being spread over a period of 6 months payable after every 2 months. They can also provide a down payment of $125 and the balance be paid in 5 bi-monthly installments. One can also pay an amount totaling 15% of the total amount and the rest in 6 bi-monthly installments.

The disadvantage is that you do not have the freedom to choose which California car insurance company will provide the coverage. The state assigns you a company helping to protect the auto insurance companies in the process.

Despite the good effort by the state of California to ensure that all motorists are insured, there are still instances of accidents by uninsured motorists and it may be advisable to dig a bit deeper into your pocket and buy uninsured motorist coverage in addition to the auto insurance cover you already have.

California cheap car insurance for people within the bracket of low income earners is a very convenient and an affordable way to be insured. You may compare the auto insurance prices offered by the program against those of auto insurance companies and see the difference. You can start right on this page by entering your zip code in the provided space above.

CLCA Program for a Cheap California Car Insurance

Several years ago, the state of California introduced the CLCA insurance program as a cheap alternative for residents looking for auto insurance in California. This came as a result of the increasing number of accidents that were occurring and involved motorists who could not pay for the damages and losses they caused. Many of them simply could not afford it after making it mandatory to have liability coverage for every vehicle owner or motorist in the state. For this a solution was needed, hence the CLCA. It is an ingenious solution that is supported by the California car insurance companies that are ready to take the excess burden of auto insurance premiums from the citizens. Piloted in LA and SF, the program was aimed at tackling the idea that if low cost auto insurance options would encourage low income earners to buy their own policy than being uninsured since they could not afford the existing policy premiums.

The main thing is that you have to prove that you cannot afford to pay the standard premiums due to your financial position. You will be required to provide evidence for this by presenting your financial records stating your income, liabilities and personal assets. You will fill out a questionnaire and application form for eligibility to the program. Other requirements are your driver’s license and a clean driving record.

The maximum limits for liability for such a program is set as:

•             Property damage per accident                                                   – $3,000

•             Bodily injury to an individual per accident                             – $10,000

•             Bodily injury to multiple individuals per accident                – $20,000

However this is just basic coverage and does not cater for other vital expenses that arise in accident situations. You may consider the following additional costs under the CLCA to improve your coverage:

•             Medical expenses coverage per person per accident      – $1,000

•             Uninsured bodily injury per person per accident               – $10,000

•             Uninsured bodily injury per accident for all                          – $20,000

You may also consider buying your own comprehensive and collision coverage for physical damage since the CLCA program does not offer this. To qualify for the program, you must fulfill some basic requirements in addition to filling out the forms they will provide you with. These are:

•             Must be 19 years old and above

•             Must have a clean driver’s license

•             Must have been a licensed driver for the past three years

This is a very convenient program if you are a low income earner looking for cheap California car insurance because providers cannot give you anymore charges other than these according to the law. They are required to guide you through the process and explaining and answering all your questions regarding the program.

You can get information on reputable forms that can give you assistance by entering your zip code on this page. Having fulfilled the requirements above, getting low income auto insurance in California is a very positive prospect.