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Superb Auto Insurance Discounts for Senior Citizens

Life goes on and yet needs do not cease. People believe that as you get old, your needs tend to decrease but it is not so. Senior citizens do need to go out as well. They do need to fetch for their day-to-day needs and thus they too need conveyance. Age is considered to affect the basic human senses in a demeaning way and resultantly, auto insurance premiums for senior citizens are generally higher than other people as they are considered more of danger than the others. Compensating for this is the fact that most Insurance Companies in California offer special discounts for senior citizens with fixed incomes. The reason supporting these discounts is that senior citizens are dependable when it comes to regularly paying premiums and they are usually the most cautious drivers. The lack of information about these discounts leads to them being deprived of any such benefits. Though Insurance Agents are required to inform clients about these details, sometimes people who are not in the ‘Senior Citizen’ category at the time of document signing are at loss if they do not monitor the updates provided by companies.

A driver is often at loss, as they do not know that they are considered a mature driver at the age of 55 (in the state of California). There often are other additional criteria as well that allow citizens to avail auto insurance in California at even lower rates. These factors include taking in account the area where the person drives (i.e. if it is a high or low population area). Companies also provide lower rates for drivers who use the vehicle occasionally. If the person has lower number of miles she/he covers in a year, then she/ he can claim an additional discount as they have lower chances of meeting with an accident if their frequency of driving is low.

The Good Driver Discount is another facility available if you are a senior citizen. Driving history influences the discounts a senior citizen is liable to. If she/ he can provide a driving history that clears them of any at-fault accidents or any act of violation of the law, then they can avail greater amounts of discounts on their insurance. This discount provides an incentive for citizen to drive safely and responsibly.

The insurance companies, however, can refuse to grant any discount to a senior citizen who has a poor driving record. In such cases, senior citizens can receive relief under the Mature Driving Discount. The Mature Driving Discount is often offered to senior citizens who have completed a Mature Drivers’ Defensive Driving Course (Driver Improvement Course) through their State’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Those who successfully accomplish an authentic course can be entitled for a reduction in car insurance premiums.  The law permits the concerned companies to ascertain the share of premium rebate. One may inquire their respective insurers about the entitlement and the rate of discount before taking up such a course.

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