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Searching for Auto Insurance Policies in California for Teen Drivers

One of the reasons why you need auto insurance in California is to meet the legal requirements in the state. Considering the hardships teens may go through if they are involved in an accident, it is important for one to have an insurance cover which they can rely. In fact, it is a requirement in all 50 states for all teens to have a comprehensive insurance cover if they want to drive.

While driving, you are at a risk of either causing an accident or being involved in one. With a comprehensive insurance cover it is easier to settle medical bills and other costs that result from the accident. Besides, you may cause damage to property and later get involved in legal cases requiring a settlement. If a teen is negligent and causes harm to other road users at the time he/she is driving, the insurance coverage is used to pay for personal injury or physical property destroyed during the accident.

Car insurance in California for teens usually has higher rates compared to that of an experienced or older individual. The companies offering the coverage claim that it is more risky to insure a teen than it is to insure an adult. Teens are more likely to make mistakes than adults and consequently prone to causing road accidents. The professionalism or rather experiences of a teen in driving are limited hence they are not able to make quick decisions when there is an emergency on the road.

An insurance cover should suit all your needs. Note that some insurance covers for teens do not cater for third party injuries. A third party injury is one which is inflicted on another person other than the one who applied for the insurance cover. It is inconvenienced for one to select such a cover since most of the time accidents involve third parties which might be adamant on a settlement if they get injured in an accident caused due to wrong judgment. This is seen as negligence when the case goes to litigation.

If you have never had an insurance cover in your driving history, then you will be treated as a teenager when you apply for one. The company sees you as risky as covering for a teen even though you are much older. In the state of California, it is better to apply for auto insurance when one is young to avoid the hassles of paying higher rates when you are much older. Companies offering car insurance in CA can be found online or you can ask for recommendations from friends or family members.

You can also take a few minutes to enter your zip code above to get the chance to compare companies that offer California cheap car insurance. We match you with hundreds of companies and you will not surely lack one that meets your preferences.