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Reasons Why You Should Not Take DUI In California For Granted

There is an extent to everything. The extent is the point up to where the rules can be bent and the point where the bending of the rules can be tolerated by the enforcement. There is an extent to everything and that is the case with DUI too. There is an extent to DUI charges and the person violating the DUI laws becomes a habitual violator of the DUI laws in a state like California that are passed by the California DMV. The penalties for DUI charges, at this point, start to become harsher and morph into penalties that a person will remember for the rest of the lives. Not only are these penalties harsh but they are also the components of a lesson the person will remember for the rest of their lives. Because of this very lesson, the person will think twice before they even take a sip of alcohol or a sniff of drugs and have their keys in their pocket.

These penalties have been specially lined up by the government in order to teach habitual violators of the law a lesson and to stop them from doing any further damage to their country. Law violation should always be taken as something that is serious and severe. A person should not look at a law violation as some kind of joke. A law violation puts a person into the learning seat and damages the record. The person’s permanent record is significant everywhere and it is inspected everywhere as something that they need to keep clean of blemishes and dents such as law violations. When it comes to DUI violations, there are three stages. The first stage is the basic stage or the first offense stage where the punishments are enough to make a person realize what they have done. The second stage is the stage where a person has committed their second DUI offense and the penalties start to get much worse. The last stage is the stage where the person commits their 3rd DUI offense and can then be classified as a habitual violator of the DUI laws in California that have been passed by the California DMV.

Many people take the third stage or the third DUI offense lightly. Well, you clearly should not that is because the penalties up to this point are only minor and will not affect a person so much. However, when the person has committed their third DUI offense, playtime is indeed over. The penalties start to become serious. There is more jail time, more license suspension, and more probation I addition to the other penalties the law has in store for habitual violators of the DUI laws in California. A person must always remember that they need to stop after the second offense. They should remember that if they take one more step, they would have a life that bears resemblance to hell and that they will have more than just blemishes on their permanent record.


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