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Random FAQs Answered For Your Auto insurance in California Issues

Q. If someone is involved in an accident in which the other party is at fault and they only have uninsured motorist coverage, who will pay for the difference? What if the California auto insurance company representing him says they can only pay a certain portion of the expenses?

A. In California, individuals with this coverage have Med Pay coverage that may get to amounts ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 or even more and will pay for the medical expenses up to the insurance policy limit. The rest of the bill is supposed to be paid for by the insurance company under your uninsured motorist coverage in addition to economic and non economic expenses, lost wages, suffering and pain among other related expenses. If this coverage is not enough then you must be extremely injured and running up a high medical bill or your have the California car insurance minimum limit coverage of about $15,000. If you don’t have health insurance, then you might end up paying for it yourself. If you feel that the insurance company is offering less than the limit available and think you should get the whole amount and you may be wise to involve the services of a lawyer.

Q. I was involved in an accident and the other driver had a company owned vehicle. The company said they were self insured and I do not know how to get them to pay my claim. How do I do it?

A. In the auto insurance in California terms, what self insurance means that in lieu of the company the expensive process of getting insurance from providers and paying for high premiums, they have set aside an amount of money that will be used to cover for damages in case of a car accident. In large corporations you can get assistance from an administrator who handles claims or the human resource department. In smaller companies you could ask to see the president or CEO. You need to have all the documentation needed when making a claim with an insurance company. These are copies of repair bills, medical bills, towing bills and other expenses. It is also needed to write a demand letter for claim settlement that should include the amount for suffering and pain that you have sustained. In case the company fails to cooperate or if they deny the claims fully or partially, you have the option of suing them. In California this may be done in small claims court. You may however require the assistance of a lawyer if the damages exceed the small courts limits. In the state of California this limit is $7,500.

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