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Ramifications of California DUI Laws to its Residents

The staggering statistics of car accidents resulting from DUI and the laws binding them have made drunk driving one of the highest socially reviled crimes in history. Nowadays a DUI conviction can make an individual feel socially ostracized since more people look down on this crime. This is because at least every person in the society knows someone who has been a victim or perpetrator of DUI who suffered the dire consequences. Someone who cannot control their drinking is looked down upon especially if they do not realize that they have had too much to even drive. Such a person is easily shunned by his peers until he gets his act together. Due to the effort of organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, DUI laws have been made tougher in every state especially in California. Nowadays, “Do not drink and drive” is at the fore front of American Culture.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) gave the state of California a B+ for its stand against drunk driving. This is because California has a no nonsense policy that is very stringent and tough on drunk drivers. The same criteria of grading are used by MADD all over the United States. Few states like Montana were given grade F. Since you may not know when you may need to travel across your current state lines, it may come as advantage to you to know the California DUI Laws. This will come as an advantage if you are moving from a state graded F; by MADD; to one with a B+. Statistics collected by the National Traffic Safety Administration state that 21 percent aged 15 years and younger died from DUI related accidents in 2003. Statistics from the same institution claim that 39 percent of traffic fatalities in 2004 were as a result of this.  These painful unnecessary deaths are the reason why DUI is a vice that is looked down upon.

A Driving Under the Influence conviction could likely make someone lose their job. Depending on the gravity of the offense, you may serve a jail term or pay hefty fines. Some employers have built in policies to cover the company in such an event. This is the level to which DUIs have affected the society. Nowadays one has more responsibilities to think about before driving a vehicle or operating a machine if you have been drinking alcohol. It is advisable to call someone or a taxi cab to take you home or elsewhere if you have been drinking. This culture has been heavily promoted in America that even in bars can choose not to sell you alcohol if you are overly intoxicated already and does have a car. To many it may come off as severe but it will save you more than the pleasure of a meagre drink. Enter your Zip at the start of this page to access more about the effects and laws on DUI and DWI.