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Questions Regarding Auto Insurance in California, Answered

In today’s world of innumerable options and companies, man is often startled by his surrounding environment. He is dazzled by the glamour and glitz of numerous apparently juvenile offers which promises to make his life a lot easier and thus often ends up losing more than gaining. Thus to ease the burden of all those Californians who are losing their sleep over which insurance policy to select for their new or old cars this article strives to answer your FAQ’S or Frequently asked Questions regarding California Auto Insurance.

Here are a few frequently asked questions on the very topic of auto insurance in California.

1. What happens if I don’t have an insurance coverage for my car?

Answer: By law, the Department of Motor Vehicles, California has made it mandatory to have a minimum prescribed insurance coverage for all cars operating or parked in California roads. All drivers and owners of vehicles must have a minimum financial responsibility, which stands at: Bodily Injury- $15,000 for the death or injury of any one person, any one accident – $30,000 for all persons in a single accident: Property Damage- $5,000 for any one accident

2. What will happen if I don’t carry my auto insurance papers while I or someone else operates the car?

Answer: In California it is mandatory to have a proof of Auto Insurance all the time. Failure to show the authorized legal personnel, your Proof of Insurance can result in severe fines or even suspension of vehicle Registration. It can also result in the suspension of the driver license.

3 What fines will I face if I operate my car without Liability Insurance?

Answer: If you are a regular defaulter of this aforementioned law, your vehicle can be impounded by law. Also if you provide a false Proof of Insurance, your driver’s license shall be suspended and remain in suspension until you provide Original Proof Of Insurance.

4. When does one have to show his/her Proof of Insurance?

Answer: The California legislature passed a law by which Californian vehicle owners have to show their Auto Insurance Proof for renewing their vehicle registration. Also whenever asked by law enforcement personnel for traffic violations or any other purpose, you are bound to show your California Auto Insurance Proof.

5. How do I establish that I have Auto Insurance in California?


Answer: On fulfillment of the required norms, your Auto Insurance Company will send you a Proof Of Insurance card stating the insured vehicles and drivers and also enlisting your policy number and policy expiry date. Your policy or a temporary binder is also a proof of your California Auto Insurance. For the benefit of the visitor our webpage also boasts of an auto call to action program by the help of which you can compare the insurance rates of all companies of California for absolutely FREE and thus take up a satisfactory final decision by just entering your zip code.