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Peachy Tips for Great Auto Insurance Discounts For Students

Every household, until some years ago, needed one vehicle for every working member. With the dynamics of life changing steadfastly, so have the dynamics of families. It is not just the earning members now, but also the school going teenagers who have come to need personal vehicles to commute as it is not just school they need to go to but a vast multitude of classes. College students, whether in hostels or at home, require vehicles as well.

In addition, as children are young and inexperienced, they tend to require auto insurance in California more than ever and parents are morally obliged to provide them with the same. To further escalate the problem is the fact that once you start driving without supervision, you are necessitated to avail insurance at a minimum rate of 15 thousand USD/person for physical injury,  30 thousand USD for more than one person involved  and 5 thousand USD for  damage to belongings. Insurance companies in California determine rates based on factors such as driving record, how long you have been a licensed driver, how much you drive. Resultantly, auto insurance for teenagers is also costlier as compared to insurances for people from other life stages. Parents thence need to keep in mind that they need to shop for insurance policies thoroughly as insurance companies compete rigorously and offer battalions of insurance discounts that people generally are alien to.

Some of the policies that aid students in availing cheap auto insurances are:

  1. Good-Student Discount

Many insurance companies like State Farm offer discounts amounting to 20 percent to students with good academic records. Generally, students with a GPA score of 3.0 and above, an average grade ‘B’, amongst the toppers of their class or students on honor roll can avail the Good-Student discount and college students generally require at least twelve credits to acquire the discount. In addition, college students taking part in ROTC could be eligible for additional discounts.

  1. 2.                   Supplement courses

Teenagers can avail additional discounts by completing supplemental driver education, defensive driving courses, pass responsible driving tests, or go through CDs and other content in context of responsible driving.

  1. 3.                   Not the sole owner

If the teenager is not the main driver of the car but an occasional one, the insurance premiums are highly reduced in such ‘sharing’ scenarios.

  1. 4.                   Security

Researches show that teenagers must not be allowed to drive fancy cars like sports cars. They should opt for middle sized Sedans as they are most safe and such vehicles have lowest auto insurance rates as well.

  1. 5.                   Driving area

If a student uses a vehicle in school premises of a rural area, she/he is likely to receive more discount than students of urban areas are.

  1. 6.                   Clean record

Stabilizing a tidy record by fending off road accidents and breaking traffic violations such as speeding beyond the average limit can greatly help in obtaining auto insurance discounts.

To exhaust all your options thoroughly, key in your ZIP Code at the top of the page, benefit the most from your academic life, and save from your auto insurance in California.