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Meet All Your Road Financial Liabilities with Car Insurance in California

Simply owning a car these days is not enough. One also needs to own a good insurance backing up the car in case of being involved to any accident. California has quite a high rate of car accidents. Once reported, the court finds one party to be guilty and that party needs to bear the cost of repair of the cars and medical treatment. This kind of a legal system is referred to as law of Torts. In such a situation, one has to be prepared to face these unprecedented expenses when an accident occurs.

Good car insurance in California is one that provides coverage for uninsured and underinsured driver, the premium for which is determined by checking your personal credit history and also covers the minimum liability as prescribed by the State’s law.

Most states have the minimum liability. In California, minimum liability coverage is given as- $15,000/$30,000/$5,000. For injury or death to one person, $15,000 is the penalty, for injury or death to more than one individual, $30,000 is the penalty and $5,000 is for property damage. To cover for these minimum liabilities, one may submit $35,000 to the motor vehicles department instead of buying insurance.

Even though California does not deem provisions of underinsured or uninsured drivers to be included in insurance policies as mandatory, most companies advice you to include it. It is better if one has insurance for underinsured drivers and uninsured drivers up to $50,000 in order to avoid complication in case of an accident. If you are driving a rental car, you must have insurance for that also. You can buy the insurance from the car rental company and carry the document or at least its copy stating the provisions of the insurance.

There is also a good side to California insurance law. One can exclude a particular driver when purchasing car insurance in CA. Even if the person drives your car, your insurance policy will not be used to cover for the damage in case the excluded driver meets with an accident with your car.

Granting insurance coverage in California has a lot of protocol. One’s driving history, records, personal credit history, age etc. will be looked into and thoroughly scrutinised before granting individuals car insurance in CA.

Since 2006, it is mandatory for every car and driver to have auto insurance. If one is unable to produce the papers when needed or if one’s policy has expired, then one’s license for driving may be seized or car registration may be suspended or both. For an application of renewal of license, a deposit fee of $125 needs to be paid. While living in California, one has to be careful about the policy one is buying. One certainly doesn’t want to end up over paying for policies that offer low security. It is better to compares different policies and be aware if there are hidden costs in them before buying.

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