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Known California Car Insurance Companies

California s considered to be one of the busiest states in the U.S. This means that auto insurance in California is one of the largest industries you will ever find. There are over 100 car insurance providers in California. Since California is a highly state, motorists have higher chances of being involved in accidents. This means that motorists seeing car insurance in California need to look for well rated car insurance providers.

Each of the California car insurance companies has its own features that may suit its customers. It is therefore necessary for an auto insurance customer to research on as many insurance providers as possible to ensure that their auto insurance needs are satisfactorily met.

Auto insurance in California is an industry that incorporates several organizations. There is the California State Automobile Association (CSAA) which is one of the largest automobile clubs in the American Automobile Association’s National Federation. The club was renamed in 2008 to AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah (AAA NCNU).

The organization offers car insurance together with other automobile offers like maps, travel assistance and towing services. Its services are only available to members and membership is open to anyone. It strives to give high quality service to its members. Its agents are available for consultations with members and they assist in making the right auto insurance decisions.

Another auto insurance provider in California is AIS. This company is reputed as being knowledgeable of insurance needs in California. It provides various ways of contacting their offices that are located in practically every major city in California.

There is also the 21st Century Insurance Company. It is now part of Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. The company offers auto insurance products to its customers in California with an easy to navigate website which has an online processing option. It also actively promotes free 24 hour emergency assistance on the roads for its auto insurance customers.

Another auto insurance company offering services in California is Esurance. This is an online car insurance provider and it was among the first car insurance companies to go fully paperless. Its website enjoys a visit of almost a million visitors every month.

AIG is another company providing auto insurance in California. It is one of the largest insurance companies globally. The car insurance policies that were previously under the name of AIG have been rebranded as 21st Century Car Insurance.


There are also many insurance agencies in California which operate as independent business enterprises that give comparative quotes from several companies at once. An example of such an agency is 4 Less Insurance Services Inc., which offers auto insurance services. The agency offers an online custom quote service where customers can compare rates between well-known auto insurance companies.

Other agencies offering similar services in California include Bay Area Insurance Agency, Beacon Insurance Services, Reinhardt Insurance Service, and Los Angeles Insurance Service among others.

This means that whenever you want to get car insurance in California, you will get the services easily.